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Halloween Hair Tricks: Part Three

by Michelle Lemire October 20, 2014

Halloween Hair Tricks: Part Three

Image by Madison Reed

Coming up with a great Halloween costume can be as easy as the perfect hairstyle, a little bit of makeup, and a whole lot of attitude. Check out the second set in our month-long series of Halloween hairstyles – all completed by our own Madison Reed ladies.

Halloween Hair Cher

Thanks to Chelsea, our fabulous Color Crew lead!

  • Start by finding the perfect middle part in your hair
  • Flat iron your hair (see our tips on flat ironing)
  • Spray hair to smooth any flyaways, add some eyeliner and rock this Cher circa 1960s look

Halloween Hair Katniss

Thanks to Puja, our Biz Dev marvel!

  • Pull your hair back into a french braid that moves diagonally across the back of your head. We suggest getting a friend to help (Thanks Tana!)
  • Leave out several tendrils and curl them loosly
  • Work on your aloof yet fierce warrior look

Halloween Hair Pipi

Thanks to Stephanie, one of our talented Color Crew Coloristas!

  • Divide your hair into two sections
  • Used a doubled strip of florists wire that will run from the tip of one braid, over your head like a headband, all the way to the tip of the other braid
  • Braid the first section of your hair including the wire as you work
  • Run the wire over your head and braid the wire into the second braid
  • Bend as needed!

Halloween Hair Minnie

Thanks to Tasha, one of our amazing Color Crew professionals!

  • Start by finding the perfect middle part in your hair and dividing your hair into two sections
  • Pull your hair up into two high ponytails. Back tease ponytails for fullness
  • On each side, pull the hair through the elastic one last time, creating a loop. Then feed the bottom of the ponytail through the loop
  • Wrap the remaining lengths of hair around the Minnie Ear buns and pin into place

Halloween Hair Khaleesi

Thanks to Joy, another of our incredible Color Crew professionals!

  • Starting at the front on either side of your head, separate two small sections and braid them. Join the two braids at the back
  • Curl the rest of your hair in loose curls
  • Back tease hair to create volume if necessary

Hope you enjoyed our Halloween Hair ideas!

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By: Natasha, Misha, and Tana