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Our Story

Amy, founder, with her daughter Madison Reed

We started Madison Reed with a simple mission:

To provide the best, most luxurious hair color, made with ingredients you can feel good about.

We are a hair color company built on integrity, innovation, and love—for you and for your hair color. We’ve partnered with honest and transparent manufacturers in Italy—operating under strict EU regulations—to formulate a collection of professional, high-performance hair color and care products.

At the forefront of innovation, we created the first ever Smart 8-Free permanent hair color free of harsh ingredients: ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide. And we added hair-loving nutrients including keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract to protect and pamper your hair.

We are revolutionizing hair color with gorgeous, multi-dimensional color delivered to your door so you can do it yourself in under an hour. But you aren’t alone. We know some women are afraid of choosing the wrong shade, so we provide access to professional, licensed hair colorists who are standing by to review your photos to help you find the shade that’s perfect for you, and offer support via phone, text and chat.

Of course, we believe that you should get salon-gorgeous hair color whether you do it yourself or prefer to have it done for you. So if you want in-person help with finding your perfect shade, visit a Madison Reed Color Bar for a free personalized color consultation. You can take your color home, or if you prefer to have a licensed colorist color your hair, you can schedule an appointment to have it done for you. We get you in and out fast, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional salon.

The above is what we do here at Madison Reed, but the “why” is more profound. Our company is founded on the belief that a confident woman is a beautiful woman. We celebrate women who shine from the inside, and who unapologetically live their truth. We've done our job if you feel on-top-of-the world unstoppable. Because women who are confident can change the world.

I believe this so deeply that I named the company after my daughter, Madison Reed.

Amy, founder & CEO

Confident is the New Beautiful

We're celebrating women in all of their real, raw, and unapologetically unretouched glory. That's our job: to make women feel on-top-of-the-world-unstoppable—because we believe that when you feel confident, you can do anything: light up a room, command attention, flaunt your mojo, feel your best. We believe laugh lines are a symbol of a life well lived, hairlines aren't perfect, and eyebrows have a mind of their own. So go ahead—let your inner badass shine. Because rather than spend time retouching our photography, we have bigger, better things to do...like empower women to save time & money and maybe even spend that extra well-earned energy changing the world. This is why, going forward, we will no longer be retouching our photography, as evidenced by our stamp of REAL beauty.

REAL, no retouching, just confidence

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