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Halloween Hairstyle Tricks: Part 2

by Sherod Taylor October 13, 2014

halloween hair black swan hair

Image by Madison Reed

Coming up with a great Halloween costume can be as easy as the perfect hairstyle, a little bit of makeup, and a whole lot of attitude. Check out the second set in our our month-long series of Halloween hairstyles – all completed by our own Madison Reed ladies.

Halloween Hair Black Swan

Thanks to Kathy, our Mistress of Social Media!

  • Start by pulling your hair back and securing into a low ponytail with a hair tie
  • Twist the pony tail until it starts to curl itself into a bun. Secure with another hair tie and bobby pins as needed
  • Smooth and spray hair to get that sleek ballerina look

Halloween Hair Audrey

Thanks to Felicia, Princess of Marketing and Admin!

  • Start by creating a slanted part at the front of your hair.
  • Leave the front side sections of your hair down. Gather, twist, and pin all of the hair in the back into a messy base bun
  • Smooth the side sections over the base bun and pin into place
  • Add a little bling to the bouffant bun and voila!

Halloween Hair Black Widow

Thanks to Ana, our bad ass Operations Manager!

  • Curl each lock of hair and then wrap it up into itself and pin it to your head. This will help create tight, pieced out curls that will last longer.
  • Smooth and spray the bang piece.
  • Release the curls!

Halloween Hair Tomb Raider

 Thanks to Jill, our queen of Mobile App Design!


  • Slick your hair back into a tight french braid that starts as close to the top of your head as you can manage. We suggest getting a friend to help (Thanks Tana!)
  • Pull out two strategically placed tendrils from the front of your hair and spray or gel them for effect.


Stay tuned for more great Halloween Hair next week!

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By: Natasha, Misha, and Tana