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Quick Hair Tutorial: Sleek Ponytail

by Michelle Lemire April 02, 2014

Quick Hair Tutorial: Sleek Ponytail

Image by Madison Reed

Here’s another easy step-by-step hair tutorial for a quick, yet sleek style–from the professionals on our Color Crew!

Sleek Ponytail Tutorial

1. Flat iron hair to make texture consistently sleek and smooth.

2. Gather your hair into a high ponytail smoothing with a bristle brush as you collect the hair.

3. Secure ponytail in place with hair-tie.

4. Using medium-hold spray, gently calm any flyaways. Use side of spray can to smooth hair for a polished finish.

5. Take section of hair from underneath ponytail and wrap around the hair-tie. Secure wrapped hair in place with bobby-pin.

6. Brush ponytail to smooth, polished finish and spray lightly near base.

By: Chelsea Smith

Photos by: Cherise Olvera
Photo Editor: Keith “Skip” Skipton