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Madison Reed

We empower people to look and feel their best inside and out

Our mission is to make personal care more personal by providing exceptional service and building authentic relationships. To do this, we’re turning the hair color industry on its head and developing radically innovative and technology-enabled hair care and color products and experiences. Our focus is on delivering a little bit of pampering and a little bit of glamour all in the convenience of your home, on your own time. We support you every step of the way to make sure your hair looks incredible and you feel fantastic.

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Our people

Amy Errett

CEO & Founder

A sports fanatic (go SF Giants!!) and lover of great food and wine, it’s clear Amy loves to lead from the heart… as well as from the head.


Maureen Watson

Chief Product Officer

Maureen hasn't met a beauty product she doesn’t want to try – from the newest ingredient trending in Korea to the latest hair mask, she has a point of view on all of them, and shares it with us constantly.


Heidi Dorosin

Chief Marketing Officer

Heidi loves building brands, ballet and her baby girls (ages 15 and 13). She believes everyone is a beginner, and that great leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.


Brian Bouma

Chief Operating Officer

When Brian is not working on capital intensive company operations, he is outdoors cycling, skiing and developing an artisanal Wagyu beef business on his ranch in Bend, Oregon.


Carrie Kalinowski

Chief Financial Officer

With 20 years of experience scaling high growth companies, Carrie has a passion for building innovative businesses. She has even more experience running, climbing and hiking, and is just as passionate about spending time outdoors with her two kids.


Matt Darling

Chief Technology Officer

The perfect combination of gear head and GQ, Matt believes it's all about building the right engine from the right parts... and doing it in style.


Aaron Driver

SVP Growth Marketing

When not running outside, Aaron is running revenue and growth in the office, using fancy acronyms that drive real business results


Halee Hatlestad

VP Marketing Creative

Halee is an idea generator, a storyteller, and a conceptual thinker. Her sense of humor, passion for beauty, and daily Diet Coke exude a refreshing “bubbly” energy in the office.


Tyler Wozny

SVP Digital Product

Tyler loves hairy problems and working with smart people to solve them. Through a balance of tech, design, and business acumen, Tyler leads the Digital Product team building experiences our clients love.


Emily Fan

VP Supply Chain Operations

With a penchant for the processes that keeps our operations running smoothly, Emily believes that no problem is too big to overcome, or too small to be addressed.


David Ross

VP Product Innovation, Brand Merchandising

Whether searching for the best snow on the slopes, trying to improve his golf score, or searching for new ways to create beautiful hair color—David is always up for a challenge.


Jeremy Pelkey

VP Color Crew

Art lover, dog fanatic (some even say whisperer), and obsessed with learning about all things hair color, Jeremy is passionate about client service and team building.


Eveline Kartawidjaya

VP Finance

From travel, cooking, yoga and playing with her kids, Eveline is all about savoring life. She loves developing teams, scaling processes while solving issues with numbers.


Katie Keil

VP Retention & Brand Management

Katie loves building brands, solving problems and spreading the word about things she loves. She also loves her two chocolate labradoodles - Rocky and Chip.


Ryan Lindgren

VP Real Estate & Development

Ryan is a business builder having spent a career helping companies grow through DeNovo, mergers, acquisitions, and JV's. A junkie for process he focuses on building culture along with growth to have a sustainable long term business.


Sheila Cardenas

VP Loyalty and Retention

When not playing soccer with her two sons, Sheila loves to bring data and customer insights to life through impactful and targeted retention efforts.



True Ventures

Early Stage Investor

Making the world a better place for entrepreneurs, True Ventures empowers our team to truly redefine the hair color and hair care industry.


Norwest Venture Partners

Early Stage Investor

Norwest Venture Partners works with entrepreneurs like us to build enduring businesses that could become the next generation of legacy brands.


Comcast Ventures

Early Stage Investor

Comcast Ventures, the venture capital affiliate of Comcast NBCUniversal, works with businesses like ours who are building technology solutions to change the way people live.



Early Stage Investor

Maveron is a venture capital firm that concentrates only on consumer start-ups, helping businesses like ours create world-class consumer brands.


Shea Ventures

Early Stage Investor

Shea Ventures, part of the J.F. Shea Company, partners with entrepreneurs like us and venture capitalists who are leaders in their markets to build enduring companies.


Our Culture


We dream big. We take risks. We are dedicated to innovation and disrupting the status quo to provide the best possible products and experiences. Moving at the speed of change, we use feedback and research to iterate and adapt according to the needs, demands, and desires of our customers. In fact, we find solutions before you even knew you had issues.


We don’t just say we’re authentic—we prove it. We stand behind our products, services, brand, and each other. Through our prompt, honest, responsive communications, we ensure the integrity of the values we stand for in everything we do.


We love what we do and we want you to love it too! As a family of compassionate, concerned, and caring individuals, we support each other, our partners, and our customers as we grow and flourish both personally and professionally. We especially encourage people to always be themselves, because the things that make us different make us!


All of our products are carefully designed to be of the highest quality, a great value, and made with ingredients you can feel good about. We hold ourselves accountable to do what’s right for our customers, our partners, our community and the environment.


Fun matters. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are truly grateful for all that we achieve. That’s why we celebrate everything! Best of all, we love to share our joy, and delight our customers in every way, every day.


We invite you to join us in celebrating everything, and living life brilliantly!