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Hair Color Tutorials

How to Cover Roots & Gray Hair with Root Touch Up

Madison Reed Root Touch Up is available in a full spectrum of colors to conceal roots and grays on the go.

Hair Recipes to Add Seasonal Spice to Your Strands

Autumnal hair color recipes to get your locks as rich and delicious as your coffee drink.

The 10 Fall 2021 Hair Color Trends You Need to Know

From mulled wine to cinnamon balayage to brack—yes, you read that correctly—our favorite new hair color trends for fall are here.

How to Dye Your Hair and Keep it Looking Healthy

Find out once and for all if hair color is damaging for your hair.

How to Fix Hair Color That Is Too Ashy

If your hair has a grayish-blue ashy tone these at-home tips will help bring back the warmth.

Blurring the Lines: How To Get Gorgeous Shadow Roots at Home

Find out why root shadowing is budget-friendly, low-maintenance hair color at its best.