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Gorgeous Gray Coverage with Milano Brown for Beth

by March 12, 2015

Gray Hair Color

Image by Madison Reed

We know you have your own unique hair needs and sense of style. That’s why our Color Crew offers personalized consultations! Read on to find out what we did for Beth and expert tips for complete gray coverage.

Beth Before Hair Color

Professional Assessment:
Beth was looking for full gray coverage and lots of dimension for her hair! She wanted to stay similar to her regular color, so we suggested Madison Reed’s Milano Brown. This warm, deep brown offers auburn undertones which enhance the color of Beth’s eyes wonderfully.

Starting Level:
Previously colored hair with gray/medium brown roots and copper brown ends

Skin Tone:

Hair Type:


Madison Reed Shade Used:
Milano Brown (5NAC)

Beth After Hair Color

Tips for Coloring Stubborn Grays:

  • You don’t need to color your lengths and ends every time. Just be sure to fully saturate stubborn grays for the best results.
  • After following instructions to color your hair, return to color-resistant areas and apply more color before you relax for processing time.
  • Let your color process for 45 minutes (instead of the usual 35).


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