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Brilliant Brown Hair Color Ideas from Madison Reed

The browns have it. From light to dark. Honey-drenched to dark chocolate. Ash to golden. Darkened to the deepest ebony or enriched with a red tint. Brunettes have never looked so good. Amazingly versatile, brown hair color spans the style spectrum. California beach-inspired beauty, check. Angelina Jolie-style elegance, no problem. As the base for an edgy dip dye, perfection.

Even better? It is almost universally flattering. If you are thinking about making the switch to lust-worthy glossy brown hair, the key is to optimize a rich multi-tonal look. Check out our favorite brown hair color ideas right now to find your next color inspiration.

Ash Brown

Universally flattering, this classic hair color is as elegant as it gets. This gorgeous base shade works beautifully when darkened, lightened, tinted, highlighted, or glossed to create multi-dimensional hair color. See if ash brown hair color is right for you.

Torino Brown (5NA) is our ash brown.

Lynne V  {{'2015-10-06T17:21:08.000Z' | date}}

Lovely soft dark brown color. Nice staying power. Love the naturalness of the product.


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Chocolate Brown

Natural, rich, creamy. Chocolate brown hair is endlessly enticing. This understated hue stands out on its own terms and radiates a feature softening warmth like no other. See if chocolate brown hair color is right for you.

Verona Brown (6NAC) is our chocolate brown.

Debra T  {{'2015-04-22T11:15:57.000Z' | date}}

I thought it would have more of a reddish brown color to it. Covered up the grey though. It was easy to use and no smell or burning.


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Medium Brown

This is a hair color nearly anyone can wear. It warms a whole gamut of complexions and has a remarkable way of highlighting brown, blue, and green eyes. Add our Color Reviving Gloss to highlight and add to the rich tones. See if medium brown is right for you.

Tuscany Brown (6NGV) is our medium brown.

Sara  {{'2016-10-06T22:17:52.000Z' | date}}

Rich brunette color, a better match for me than the lighter color I had originally selected. Very pleased with it.


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Honey Brown

This may as well be called Hollywood blonde. This California beach-inspired color offers the perfect amount of polish to easily dress up or look effortlessly undone. See if honey brown hair color is right for you.

Lucca Light Brown (7NGV) is our honey brown.

Carole M  {{'2015-07-11T18:31:30.000Z' | date}}

I have decided to go with another, lighter color next time, probably Como. Because my hair is long, with lighter ends, the coverage of the permanent Lucca LIght Brown seems to be a bit too much, and too dark all over. That said, the product is wonderful, and my hair set very nicely afterwards, is very soft, but at the same time thick and healthy feeling. I may also try a permanent color at the roots, and then a gloss for the mid-length and ends when I color my hair again. I am very pleased with the customer service. The Colorists are friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. I happy to work with them to get the coloring process closer to just right, next time.


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Want Red Hair?

Want to turn your look up to 11? Red color is your ticket to check-you-out hair. But you can also opt for subtler shades, like deep mahogany Firenze Brown or burgundy hair color Trieste Red. Coloring your hair red is definitely a bright idea—how bright you want to go is up to you.


Want blonde hair?

Blonde color runs the gamut from natural to striking. Ashy platinum shades like Roma Blonde deliver rock-star cool. Neutral blondes, like Capri Blonde, are easy to maintain and grow out. And ultra-warm honey blondes, like Sicily Blonde, are more on-trend than avocado toast.