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Stunning Blonde Hair Color Ideas from Madison Reed

From gorgeous natural honey hues and hot brown/blonde “bronde” to sparkling champagnes and incandescent, high-wattage platinums— the best blonde hair colors are unmistakably luxurious. This covet worthy color works like a Midas touch that illuminates your skin and enhances your eyes for a striking effect, even when you're makeup-free.

Balance is the key to finding your ideal shade. Cooler, pale tones work well with fair skin. Choose warm, deep colors if your complexion is darker. For a more natural, easier-to-maintain hair color leave a few inches of your natural color at the roots. To narrow down options, take a look at the latest blonde hair color ideas below.

Madison Reed Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Ash Blonde

Cool and crisp. With shades of blonde and silver. Stunning ash blonde hair offers a modern twist on rock star platinum that takes sophistication to the next level.

Roma Blonde (10NVA) is our ash blonde.

Elizabeth S  {{'2015-06-18T18:26:40.000Z' | formatDate('MMMM DD, YYYY')}}

I have very fine thin see through hair and look really good with blonde tones. I use this in conjunction with the Veneto blonde 7nv(?) for low lights and my hair gets compliments. I do try to take care of my hair with conditioning and very little heat drying elements. Love the Madison Reed Line. My hair always comes out silky and shiny and the color is spot on. BUT I did my research on Youtube on how to color hair to blonde -- i.e., Ellebangs. She's fabulous for instructions on how to become and maintain being a blonde. A wealth of information.


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Golden Blonde

Sweet, sun-kissed, and radiant. For golden blonde hair, choose color with soft highlights woven with natural tones. To add a big dose of healthy shine, try a color reviving gloss to refresh faded ends and amplify warmth.

Capri Blonde (9NGV) is our golden blonde.

Tami MATHIS  {{'2018-03-09T10:43:02.000Z' | formatDate('MMMM DD, YYYY')}}

The 9NGV was the perfect shade for me. I put it on, capped it, and left it on for 60 minutes as I read several reviews that said it did not cover their gray. It covered the majority of mine, but what it did that was so amazing was, it BLENDED what it did not cover. That is the perfect color coverage for a blonde like myself. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because there was not enough of the color product to cover my entire length of hair. Next time I will order 2 bottles.


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Honey Blonde

One of this year’s hottest trends, honey blonde hair enhances the natural warmth of your complexion and creates a rich tone that blends more easily with dark roots for easier upkeep. See if honey blonde hair color is right for you.

Tremiti Blonde (9NG) is our honey blonde.

Nancy  {{'2016-08-31T18:46:33.000Z' | formatDate('MMMM DD, YYYY')}}

I've been very happy with the Tremiti Blonde-9NG color and the product in general. It's so much easier on my hair then the "traditional" home coloring processes. Have received many compliments on the color itself.


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Natural Blonde

Golden, honey, and apricot hues blend together to create radiant, multidimensional hair color. Take a tip from the pros and leave a few inches of your natural hair color at the root and blend it with lighter blonde ends.

Pisa Blonde (9NA) is our natural blonde.

Kathy J  {{'2018-08-16T21:14:30.000Z' | formatDate('MMMM DD, YYYY')}}

it took a few tries to find the right color once my hair started to turn grey. Pisa Blonde is the one that works for me. It lightens the darker grey without turning brassy. I'm very pleased.


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Dirty Blonde

Kid-like hair color is one of the hottest trends around. This surprisingly elegant natural, nearly light brown/dark blonde color is flattering on a range of complexions and easy to maintain.

Bologna Blonde (8NVA) is our dirty blonde.

Rebecca W  {{'2015-10-29T15:23:22.000Z' | formatDate('MMMM DD, YYYY')}}

Madison Reed is my choice for root coverage. It did not turn my hair red, it didn't stink, and my hair is a beautiful shade of exactly what is promised for bologna blonde, an ash blonde. (E-salon turned my hair red, even with gold taken out of the formula.) Thank-you Madison Reed! you will have my business for years to come.


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Want Red Hair?

Want to turn your look up to 11? Red color is your ticket to check-you-out hair. But you can also opt for subtler shades, like deep mahogany Firenze Brown or burgundy hair color Trieste Red. Coloring your hair red is definitely a bright idea—how bright you want to go is up to you.


Want Brown Hair?

Brunette shades are so versatile, not to mention flattering on almost everyone. You can easily go darker, get highlights, or tint red, so they’re a great option for anyone feeling indecisive (raises hand). Discover dark hair color ideas like Torino Brown, so-light-it’s-almost-bronde Lucca Light Brown, and everything in between.

Brown Hair Color Ideas

What is the most popular blonde hair color?

Cool and ash blonde hair colors tend to be the most highly requested blonde shades. Hair naturally lightens and fades warm, which can lead to the dreaded “brassy” look. Cool and ash tones counteract gold, orange and red undertones that naturally want to show through when coloring or highlighting hair. Using hair coloring products such as permanent color, demi-permanent toning glazes, semi-permanent glosses and color depositing masks that have cool or ash undertones will help minimize brassiness and aid in a natural cool blonde shade. Color Reviving Gloss in Crema and Color Therapy Mask in Perla are great color-care products to keep blonde hair from going brassy.

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What is the most natural-looking blonde hair color?

Neutral to cool tones tend to be what the natural hair will show when it grows out, so keeping your color on the more neutral side will help keep your blonde looking natural. Shades with neutral or cool tones will also keep your color from going too brassy (which can tend to happen when lightening your natural hair). Maintaining dimension in the hair also contributes to a beautiful natural-looking blonde, such as darker blonde roots with lighter blonde ends or brunette roots melting into medium blonde ends. If you are using permanent color, you will want to pick a shade that contains an A and/or V in the shade name (such as: 8NVA, 9NA, or 10NA). We also recommend staying within two levels of your natural hair color. The lighter you go, the more warmth is exposed. To refresh and tone hair that is already blonde, try Sorrento or Lazio Toning Glaze or Color Reviving Gloss in Crema.

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What are blonde hair color trends in 2023?

Beige and creamy blondes are trending given the Barbie craze that exploded in 2023. These shades tend to be a nice balance of warm and cool tones. Think not too ashy and not too golden. You can achieve these by using different shades of toning glazes or glosses over your existing blonde to keep the tones looking spot on. Sorrento Cool Vanilla Toning Glaze is perfect for achieving a creamy blonde look while Prosecco Color Reviving Gloss gives you a beautiful, beige-champagne blonde.

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What is the easiest blonde hair color to maintain?

If you have naturally darker roots, dimensional blonde such as balayage or highlights are the easiest type of blonde to maintain since you won’t see such a drastic grow-out compared to coloring your entire head blonde. If you have gray—especially a higher percentage of gray—then an all-over blonde (single process permanent color, not bleach) is ideal since it will cover the gray. Plus, the roots won’t be as noticeable since the gray hair regrowth won’t look as drastic as darker roots do when it grows out. Try our Light Works Balayage Kit to add natural-looking dimensional highlights at home. If you are highlighting darker brunette hair, use Merano Mocha. For medium brown hair, use Lazio Cool Toffee. And if coloring light brown or lighter hair, use Sorrento Cool Vanilla.

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