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5 New Blonde Shades

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Image by Madison Reed

We heard your calls for a wider range of blonde colors, and are now very excited to announce the newest of our handcrafted hair colors!

Ravello Blonde

Ravello Strawberry Blonde

Meet our ravishing Ravello. One of our most anticipated blonde shades, it’s a delicate, fashion-forward strawberry blonde. This shade is vibrant enough to bestow a warm glow to hair. Ravello adds burnished gold copper tones soft enough to cover gray, resulting in a strawberry gold.


Tremiti Blonde

Tremiti Blonde

Meet Tremiti, the sunniest of our new shades. It creates a soft sunshine gold, exposing natural warmth and adding gold tones. This shade would be perfect on a warm skin tone. With hair that has gone gray it will restore tone to hair, and sparkle to the complexion.


Varese Blonde

Varese Blonde

Salute, Varese! This is a champagne blonde with sheer beige tones. Perfect to add tone to a yellow blonde. It also tones super light blonde or white to a minky, Hollywood blonde.


Manarola Blonde

Manarola Blonde

Meet Manarola, the iciest and coolest of our blondes.  This shade is a brass buster and counteracts any unwanted yellow tones. On naturally white hair, it gives a crisp, steel effect.


Amalfi Blonde

Amalfi Blonde

Ciao, Amalfi – “out little pearl!” This is the lightest blonde in our collection, as well as the most natural.  This shade gives a soft creamy result on white hair and the effect of spun gold on natural hair.

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