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The Most Universally Flattering Hair Color Is...

by January 01, 2020

Honey Colored Hair

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If you’re going to try a new hair color, it makes sense to start with something you’re pretty sure will look really, really good. Which got us thinking—what’s the safest hair color bet there is? A shade you can customize to your liking, a shade beloved by celebrities and the rest of us alike, a shade that flatters virtually everyone? Is there such a thing, even? Well, we asked around and discovered what people are calling the number one most versatile hair color that’s so flattering on pretty much everyone. Drumroll,’s honey-colored hair!

That’s right, honey is the most universally flattering shade of hair color out there—whether it’s more honey blonde or more honey brown. Honey blonde is a warm, sunny, medium-to-dark blonde that’s closer to light brunette than it is to platinum. Honey brunette is a warm, multi-dimensional caramel brunette that’s, you got it, more light brunette than chocolate brown. That gives you a lot to work with, and that’s partly why we love it. Here are a few more reasons why honey-colored hair looks amazing on everyone…

honey hairdark honey hair 

1.It’s multi-dimensional. One of the main reasons honey-colored hair looks good on everyone is because it tends to be multi-tonal, a blend of lighter and darker shades. Whether your flavor of honey is more dark blonde or more light brown, the blend of color and tone helps your hair color look natural and healthy. Depth and dimension, honey hair has it all.

2.It’s low-maintenance. With honey-colored hair, you definitely don’t have to worry about roots so much. In fact, a little outgrowth can be part of the look—think darker roots and lighter mid-lengths and ends. All of this is good news for you, since you won’t have to color your hair or get into the salon as often. Hey, any shade that enables laziness is a great choice in our book.

3.It makes your skin look good. Honey blonde and brunette shades are typically warm in tone, which means they can help your skin look brighter. You can even add (or ask for) lighter, blonder pieces of color around your face to get that “youthful glow” look.

4.You can customize it. More brown? You got it. More blonde? Coming right up. When your hair is honey-colored, it’s easy to add highlights or lowlights, go a shade darker or a shade lighter, and subtly switch up your color every season, if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s such a versatile choice. Yes, please.

5.It’s easy to do at home. If you’re looking for a new honey blonde shade, try Radiant Cream Color in Tremiti Blonde 9NG, a medium honey blonde with warm undertones. Thinking honey brunette? We love Lucca Light Brown 7NGV, a light golden brown that’s also warm-toned. Not sure you want to commit to permanent color? Add honey tones to brunette or blonde hair with shiny, semi-permanent Color Reviving Gloss in Miele. Just a taste, for 2-4 weeks.

And that’s the tea about honey. So tell you have honey-colored hair? If not, would you give this beloved shade a try? Did you try it, only to decide it wasn’t for you? Share your story in the comments.