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Hair Color Ideas from Madison Reed

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Should you stay or should you go ... blonde, brunette, or red? You can probably answer right away, but choosing your just-right shade might be another story. There are so many colors to decide from and it can definitely get a little overwhelming. But there’s no need to stress—we’ve put together a ton of hair color ideas for inspiration. Our suggestions can help you narrow down which look you’re going for. And if you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact our colorists for more help with hair color ideas.

Color Ideas for Brown and Dark Hair

Brunette shades are so versatile, not to mention flattering on almost everyone. You can easily go darker, get highlights, or tint red, so they’re a great option for anyone feeling indecisive (raises hand).

Discover dark hair color ideas like Torino Brown, so-light-it’s-almost-bronde Lucca Light Brown, and everything in between.


Color Ideas for Red Hair

Want to turn your look up to 11? Red color is your ticket to check-you-out hair. But you can also opt for subtler shades, like deep mahogany Firenze Brown or burgundy hair color Trieste Red. Coloring your hair red is definitely a bright idea—how bright you want to go is up to you.

See all our eye-catching shades on our radiant red hair color ideas page below.


Color Ideas for Blonde Hair

Blonde color runs the gamut from natural to striking. Ashy platinum shades like Roma Blonde deliver rock-star cool. Neutral blondes, like Capri Blonde, are easy to maintain and grow out. And ultra-warm honey blondes, like Sicily Blonde, are more on-trend than avocado toast.

Read on for more stunning blonde hair color ideas.