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Ingredients with Integrity

We have a keen interest in your well-being. That's why we design our products with ingredients that nurture your hair and avoid those that don't. Our Italian color-makers bring a detailed eye and generations of experience to their craft. The result is innovative color made with an unwavering commitment to quality that meets the strict safety standards put forth by the European Union (EU), which bans chemicals not proven to be safe. And, we can all appreciate that.


Argan Oilheart icon

Argan Oil permeates hair from root to tip to restore shine and add natural smoothness, while hydrating and softening to leave hair feeling silky and healthy. We use Argan Oil in almost everything we make.

Keratinheart icon

Coloring changes the natural hair protein, keratin. We use additional keratin to strengthen and fortify inside and out, infusing hair with protein to restore elasticity, help prevent breakage and to keep color from fading. We use Keratin Oil in almost everything we make.

Ginseng Root Extractheart icon

Ginseng Root Extract penetrates all the way down to the hair’s cortex to improve individual strand strength, soften hair, and alleviate split ends. We use Ginseng Root Extract in almost everything we make.

Mongongo Oilheart icon

Derived from the fruit of the manketti tree, Mongongo Oil has been used for centuries in skin care. The egg-shaped fruit is super emollient, provides sun protection, and minerals that promote hair growth, health, and vitality. We use Mongongo Oil in our Styling products.

Baobab Oilheart icon

This intensely hydrating oil makes hair more manageable while protecting it against the heat and the environment, which can cause damage and frizz. We use Baobab Oil in our Styling products.

Maracuja Oilheart icon

Superior emollient, packed with nourishing Essential Fatty Acids, and rich in Vitamin C. This super-powered oil infuses hair with moisture, promotes hair growth, and restores dry or damaged hair. We use Maracuja Oil in our Styling products.


PPDheart x icon

PPD is short for para-phenylenediamine, a pigment traditionally used to create darker shades. We've eliminated PPD from all of our permanent colors and instead use a safer alternative to create our rich, dark shades. There is much debate about the level of toxicity of PPD. What’s known is that it is an allergen and skin sensitizer. Contact with the skin can create serious reactions.

In Radiant Cream Color and Root Reboot, one key ingredient we used to replace PPD is a Para Toluene Diamine (PTD) ingredient called Toluene 2,5-Diamine Sulfate (TDS). TDS is proven to have a lower incidence of provoking sensitivity. Our Color Reviving Gloss, formulated with semi-permanent color technology, does not contain PPD or PTD.

Ammoniaheart x icon

Being ammonia-free means that while our color delivers luminous shine and 100% gray coverage, it still smells great. Ammonia separates the hair’s protective protein layers and is the reason most hair color smells unpleasant. It also increases hair porosity, which weakens hair causing frizz and split ends, and leads to color fading. Exposure to ammonia fumes can irritate skin, eyes, throat, and lungs, causing watery eyes, itchy scalps, coughing, or burning.

Instead of ammonia, we use ethanolamine. Ethanolamine helps give predictable, permanent results, while being more pleasant and comfortable to use.

Parabensheart x icon

Widely used in hair care products, parabens can produce severe allergies and skin irritation. We don’t add parabens to our formulas.

Resorcinolheart x icon

Many hair color brands boast about being ammonia-free, but they’re still loaded with resorcinol. Our formula does not use it, because It is classified as a hazardous chemical and can be toxic to the immune system.

One key ingredient we use to replace Resorcinol is 2-methylresorcinol, which has a different molecular structure and is gentler during the hair color process.

Phthalatesheart x icon

Banned in the EU, Phthalates are used as solvents and plasticizers in shampoo and styling products. Several studies have found that phthalates might have some effects on hormones. Fragrances can often contain phthalates, which are not listed as an ingredient.

Glutenheart x icon

For those that are sensitive to it, gluten can trigger an allergic reaction—especially in shampoos or any products that may be accidentally ingested. We’ve removed it from all of our formulas.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfateheart x icon

Known to strip color from your hair more quickly, sodium lauryl sulfate also depletes moisture and may cause split ends, especially for anyone with curls or dryness. In more severe instances, it can lead to scalp irritation or cause an allergic reaction.

Sodium laureth sulfate is the gentler alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate that we use in our color activators. In addition to being less irritating, it helps ensure a full, even application of color, and total removal of color from the scalp and hair while rinsing.

Titanium Dioxideheart x icon

A possible carcinogen, some evidence shows that in high concentrations pigment-grade (powdered) and ultrafine Titanium Dioxide dust may be linked to cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity and organ system toxicity, among other problems.

Crueltyheart x icon

We love animals. Nothing we make is ever tested on them. Join us against animal cruelty. Learn more about our cruelty-free Leaping Bunny certification.

Madison Reed - Cruelty Free Hair Products

Please note that the above is not a complete list of all ingredients. You can find more ingredient-related information in the details section of each product page.

Everyone is different, and all permanent hair color contains ingredients which could potentially cause an allergic reaction. If you have experienced sensitivity to permanent hair color in the past, you may be more susceptible to a reaction in the future. Before each application of permanent hair color a skin test needs to be performed. Patch test instructions are included in every color kit. Always consult your physician if you have questions or concerns. Read more about Radiant Cream Color Safety Precautions and Ingredients.