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The Hair Color Everyone's Googling Right Now

by July 24, 2019

What makes bronde the most-Googled hair color ever?

Image by Madison Reed

When we’re considering trying a new hair color, the first thing we do is...a Google Image search. So naturally, the other day we were wondering what the most-Googled hair color of all time is. We took to what else but Google to find out, and turns out, it’s one of our favorite classic color combinations that looks gorgeous on just about everyone. Any guesses as to what this universally-flattering shade might be?

Okay, technically it’s a combination of two colors—brown with blonde highlights, otherwise known as bronde. Chances are, you’ve got a friend who rocks the bronde hair color and loves it (it might even be a friend named you). There are a few reasons why we think this shade has risen to the top of Google’s hair color searches. It’s certainly one of our favorite looks of all time… 

What makes bronde the most-Googled hair color ever?

  1. It looks good on absolutely everyone. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can rock brown hair with blonde highlights—or lowlights, or ombré, or whichever version you choose. Because it’s less severe than one single shade, it gives your hair depth and dimension, flatters your complexion, and the outgrowth is a breeze (see below). What’s not to love?

    Woman with blonde highlights in her hair

  2. It’s easy to maintain. One reason brown hair with blonde highlights is such a popular color combination is almost certainly the easy upkeep. Unlike other popular shades du jour like platinum blonde or spicy copper red, you don’t need frequent trips to the salon or regular coloring sessions to keep your bronde locks looking fresh and pretty. If you have root outgrowth, so what, that’s all part of the look. If your highlights fade a little, same. Use a gloss or toning glaze to maintain your highlights at home, or book an appointment with your colorist, oh, just a few times a year.

    woman with brown hair with blonde highlights

  3. Celebrities love it. Stars, they’re just like us, Googling “bronde hair color inspo” and in all likelihood pinning their favorite pics. Everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Olivia Wilde to Beyoncé is all about this look. As a bonus, brown hair color with blonde highlights looks terrific styled every which way, from old Hollywood big barrel curls to piecey updos (with the brown-blonde contrast adding lots of visual interest). Us Weekly is basically a bronde hair lookbook, from delicate balayage to show-stopping ombré.

    woman with brown hair with blonde highlights

  4. It’s seasonally-appropriate 365 days a year. You know how some shades, like rich mahogany brown, just feel perfect for fall? Bronde hair color is neither too summery nor too wintery—you’ll happily rock this shade all year long, in every temperature, under straw hats and beanies alike.
    woman with brown hair with blonde highlights

At this point you might be can I get brown hair with blonde highlights at home?

Glad you asked! We recommend a one-two punch of permanent hair color on your roots and balayage on your mid-lengths and ends. One of our favorite lighter, cooler combinations is Radiant Cream Color in Veneto Light Brown 7NVA on your roots, paired with Light Works® Balayage Highlights in Sorrento Cool Vanilla. Prefer a darker, warmer combo? Use Radiant Cream Color in Tuscany Brown 6NGV on your roots and Light Works Balayage Highlights in Palmi Warm Honey on your ends.

And there you have it, the easiest way to get the Internet’s favorite hair color at home. Do you love bronde hair as much as everyone else seems to? Comment below.

woman with brown hair with blonde highlights