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The 10 Fall 2022 Hair Color Trends You Need to Know

by September 26, 2022

Fall 2022 Hair Color Trends_

Image by Madison Reed

It’s time to get officially excited about fall hair colors. Sure, we love summery sun-kissed highlights and ice-cold blondes, but summer doesn’t necessarily have a lock on the best hair colors. We’re seriously attached to fall hair colors, when shades get richer, warmer, deeper...dare we say, yummier? With hair color shades like warm espresso and cinnamon spice balayage on the menu, we’re already craving a change of seasons and looking forward to autumn’s best hairstyles. Pull on your coziest sweater and slippers and join us as we dig into this year’s top 10 fall hair color trends...all of which sound downright delicious.

Mulled Wine

The red wine hair color trend, a true fall classic, is happily still going strong in 2022—and mulled wine is still one of our favorite warm red hair colors for fall. We love Zendaya’s deep red bordeaux with just a hint of berry and warm auburn tones. You can go full tilt with permanent hair color here, or you can apply a semi-permanent gloss for a plum-toned shine. Either way, cheers to this fall favorite—mulled wine red hair.


Warm Espresso

You’d order a tall iced coffee in the summer, but a hot espresso drink in the fall, are we right? Warmer fall hair colors will continue to be a huge fall trend in 2022—think of espresso brown hair color as your way to cozy up to a deep brown shade. It’s an autumnal spin-off of cool coffee brown hair color, if you will. Raise a cup to Shay Mitchell’s gorgeous dark hue...we also love how her deep side part brings the drama.


Caramel Highlights

Highlights, balayage, and ombré hair color trends are all popular hair color trends heading into fall 2022...and we’re huge fans of how elegantly effortless butterscotch bronze, brown-blonde highlights come across. This multi-dimensional, buttery caramel shade couldn’t be easier to pull off, seriously looks good on everyone, plus, we love how natural it looks while you’re growing it out. It’s also as on-trend in October as it is in June. Basically, you can’t go wrong with this sweet look—check out our at-home balayage highlighting kits for inspiration, or ask your colorist for warm caramel highlights.


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Cinnamon Spice Balayage 

Cinnamon balayage is still a major hair color trend for fall 2022. Naturally-blended, well-placed warmer, spicier strands will help make your skin look glowing...and everyone loves a pop of red hair color. Even better? This trend is as low maintenance as it gets, with a forgiving grow out and intentionally lived in look. Plus, it flatters all hair colors, from chestnut brown to caramel, honey, russet or espresso. When has adding a little red hot cinnamon flavor ever been a bad thing?

Dark-to-Light Brunette Ombré

The ombré hair color trend always experiences a resurgence in popularity come fall...maybe it’s everyone’s summer balayage highlights growing out. This fall’s take on ombré hair color is for the brunettes. Start with dark chocolate hair color on your roots—we love Milano Brown 5NAC—and extend color down to your mid-lengths. Then blend in light brown hair color for a gorgeous gradient. Keep your ombré hair looking healthy by using our Bond Building Cleansing Treatment on your lightened ends. Yes way, fall ombré.

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Money Piece

The money piece, is still thriving this fall—and it’s one of our favorite didn’t-see-that-one-coming fall hair color trends with staying power. These face framing highlights are the hair color trend du jour. Your colorist will know exactly what you’re talking about when you ask for the money piece—solid hair color in the back, two bold streaks in the front—and besides, you’ll get all the cool hairstyle points.



File under dark brown fall hair color trends: it’s brack, baby. Okay sure, you’ve heard of bronde, but brack is the new bronde...almost black, with just the slightest hint of brunette warmth. We love how sleek and shiny Charlize Theron’s chic brack bob looks with a red lip. Please do try this look at home with our darkest brown black shade, Positano Black 3NNA.

Chunky Highlights

Highlights are always in, but much like 2022 fashion, this timeless hairstyle is getting a ‘90s upgrade. Stripey highlights look ultra-modern and fall-ready paired with bangs, Doc Martens, a slouchy beanie, fingerless gloves and an oversized cardigan. We love these piecey highlights in every hair color shade—red hair, dark hair, brown hair, blonde hair—just remember to ask your colorist to keep your highlights thick and chunky to create that very ‘90s contrast.

Cream Soda Blonde

One of fall’s best blonde hair color trends? Cool and creamy. This icy light blonde shade is the perfect “winter is coming” fall blonde hair color look. More natural-looking than the white blonde shades you’re remembering, cream soda blonde has lots of depth and dimension. Get the look with light icy Roma Blonde 10NVA or cool Prato Ash 11AA—just two stunning examples of this ultracool fall trend.

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Rooty Blonde

To no one’s surprise, roots are more on-trend than ever, and we’re still singing the praises of any hair color trend that’s this low maintenance. Rooty blonde is simply blonde with darker roots, i.e. less time spent on keeping up with your roots. Now this is a trend we can all get behind. The darker roots are the perfect way to effortlessly transition from summer to fall, and give blonde locks gorgeous depth and dimension. Hailey Bieber shows us how it’s done. 
And there you have it, all our top 10 favorite new fall hair color trends for 2022. Which fall trend would you try? We’re all ears in the comments.


Originally published: September 2019

Updated: September 2022