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The 7 Fall 2019 Hair Color Trends You Need to Know

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Image by Madison Reed

With sun-kissed highlights and blondes being what they are, you might think that summer boasts the best hair colors. But we have a soft spot for fall, when hair color goes warmer, deeper, richer...dare we say, yummier? With so many fall trends being named after things we want to eat⁠—hello cocoa, cider, dark chocolate, cinnamon sugar spiced anything —we are actually craving the change of seasons. So here they are...7 fall 2019 hair color trends that are downright delicious.

Mulled Wine
Say fall hair color and most people immediately think of rich shades with a hint of warmth. Warmer hair color is most certainly a fall classic, and mulled wine is this year’s spin on the seasonal staple. This fall, the shade is brunette with a deep berry base of bordeaux. You can go full tilt with permanent hair color here, or you can apply a semi-permanent gloss for a plum-toned shine. We are loving the look on Zendaya.

Rooty Blonde
We love any hair color trend that’s low maintenance, and this hot trend is no exception. Rooty Blonde is just a new way of saying blonde with darker roots, i.e. less time spent on keeping up with your roots. The darker roots are the perfect way to effortlessly transition from summer to fall, and give blonde locks gorgeous depth and dimension. Looking for Rooty Blonde inspiration? Think Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Margot Robbie or Hailey Baldwin, all gorgeous blondes who have been known to rock a strong darker root. 

Cold Brew Brunette
Coffee lovers rejoice! This hair color trend is where the love of strong coffee meets the love of strong color. Although the trend started last fall, Cold Brew Brunette is still going strong (ha!) this year with brunettes everywhere reviving their tired brown with rich ribbons of balayaged highlights and lowlights in neutral and golden tones. This is one brunette that is anything but mousy. The look mimics a splash of milk in a cup of coffee...multi-dimensional and definitely something we could get addicted to. The key to this trend is not only in the color, but in the massive dose of espresso shine. Case in point? Emily Ratajkowski. How do you take your coffee? GORGEOUS.

Icy Cool Blonde
Proof that not everything warms up in the fall, cool blondes are a highly coveted 2019 fall color trend, ranging from ashy cool to platinum ice and even silver-hued blondes. Admittedly the most high maintenance of all hair colors, platinum blonde looks great on all hair types, but we think it makes the strongest statement on either bold, blunt cut bobs, or in a can’t-look-away pixie cut. Think Michelle Williams, Katy Perry and Zoë Kravitz.

Faded Pastels
If you do have cool blonde platinum hair, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to our next hair color trend: pastels, faded just in time for fall. From muted turquoise and sky blue to soft apricots and washed pink, we love this new take on the pastel trend. Of course it’s easiest to go dip-dye with blonde hair, but even those with darker hair are getting in on the look with colored deep conditioners in rose gold and purples. We can’t help but think that this candy-colored trend has been inspired by none other than soccer legend and all-around inspiration for the empowerment of women, Megan Rapinoe.

Cinnamon Spice Balayage
Fall doesn’t mean you have to put away your summer balayage⁠—au contraire, this fall, balayage is big, and it’s all about cinnamon. Think naturally-blended, well-placed warmer, spicier strands to brighten up your face. It’s absolutely beautiful, but the best part? This trend is as low maintenance as it gets, with a forgiving grow out and intentional lived in look. Plus, it flatters all hair colors, from chestnut brown to caramel, honey, russet or espresso. Of course, we love it on the queen herself, Beyoncé.

Mushroom Blonde 
You don’t have to forage too far for our last trend—mushroom. As a trend, it started gaining momentum this summer, with some even calling it the new platinum. But the fungal color doesn’t show any signs of slowing down this fall. Usually associated with blonde or light brown hair, mushroom is best described as an ashy or neutral shade that’s not quite blonde and not quite brunette. The in-between-ness of the shade makes it the perfect transition from summer to fall, with multi-tonal darker lowlights and a few lighter highlights woven in. The trend mirrors the natural gradation of the underside of a mushroom, and looks best on layered hair, when you can really see the depth and dimension of the ashy tones. For the best in mushroom inspiration, check out Gigi Hadid, who sometimes flaunts her fungal hue straight, other times wavy and wild.

So which fall shades is your fave? Time to put on your chunkiest sweater and start planning on what hue you’ll choose this season.

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