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Winter Hair Color Trend Report

by November 10, 2021

Winter hair color trends

Image by Madison Reed

Winter is coming, as they say, but that just means so are chunky sweaters, furry fleece, and the richest hair colors of the year. While we don’t always relish the cold snap of winter weather, we do love the contrast between the pale winter sun and hair colors so gorgeously deep they warm you right up. So swap your pair of cozy mittens for a pair of gloves to color, and let’s dive into the hottest hair color trends of the coldest months of the year...

Winter Hair Color Trends for Blondes

‘Tis the season of snow and ice, so what’s more natural for a blonde than to go icy blonde? You can rock this trend as a cool-toned blonde ranging from high-upkeep platinum blonde or silver to a lower-maintenance cool ash blonde with a darker root base. Just know that the best skin tone for such a white-blonde shade is someone with a cool skin tone. If you really want to push the winter hair color trend, you can even add a blue tinge to your hair to get a fashion-forward take on the season’s coolest blonde. For cool-as-ice blonde inspiration, check out Jennifer Lawrence’s chic platinum bob, or try our Radiant Hair Color in Roma, a light, icy blonde.

Looking for blonde hair colors...but also maybe brown hair colors? We got you covered. Because not all blondes need to go cool come winter. Another trend we’re seeing this season is a sweet honey blonde hue to warm up those with flaxen hair base color. This golden blonde is an easy in-between shade for blondes and lighter brunettes both, proving that the autumnal bronde trend of mixing brown and blonde together is just as gorgeous in winter as it was in fall. Check out our Radiant Hair Color in Ravello for a dark, caramel blonde. Looking for honey blonde inspo? Look no further than Blake Lively’s gorgeous mane for flaxen hair color ideas.

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Winter Hair Color Trends for Red Hair

Here's another winter hair color idea for you, and it may be the most versatile. The easiest, most flattering hair color during the cold short days of winter is hands down—red. We’re talking anything from hints of warm on a brunette to full-on fiery red velvet yumminess.

The beauty of red hair color is that you don’t have to be naturally red to go red—any color can play with warmer hues. But the very best part of a winter red? Minimal sun and minimal swimming means minimal color fading, which is usually the curse of red hair color. The truth is, we love reds for all seasons, but winter really makes a strong red shine. Tip for red hair color: make sure you use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your shade fiery! You can also use a weekly color depositing hair mask such as Color Therapy to make sure your red stays red-hot, or even semi permanent Color Reviving Gloss to keep the fires burning. If you want just a hint of red on blonde or brown hair, both a color depositing hair mask or a gloss could give you a little oomph without a permanent commitment.

This winter, the red trend can be worn a few ways...think soft copper tones for blondes like our Radiant Hair Color in Matera Marigold, hits of ginger copper for light brunettes such as our Carrara Crimson, or for a deep, rich red velvet for darker hair, try our Rimini Garnet

Want to see for yourself?
Soft copper looks smashing on none other than January Jones.

Brittany Snow could be the poster girl for ginger-hued brunettes.

For red velvet locks, on rich, brown hair, look to Zendaya’s gorgeous hair color here…

And for deep burgundy, we LOVE Kerry Washington’s mulled wine hair color.

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Winter Hair Color Trends for Brunettes

Brunettes have lots of options in winter. They can opt for a caramel glaze brown shade, combining shades that enhance layers and add depth. For this multi-tonal trend, try ribbons of warm balayage highlights either with face-framing accents or all-over as an ombre look. If you want just a hint of highlights, try adding babylights to your brown hair. You can get this look at home using our Light Works® Balayage Highlighting Kit in Ardenza Warm Caramel. This dimensionally rich balayage look works on any shade of brunette, as in Jessica Biel’s rich brown long hair highlights shown here.

For a brunette shade that really works with the shorter days and longer nights of the season, we love the darkest of dark brunettes. Not quite blue-black, but a ever-so-slightly warm rich black. The contrast of a darker espresso, almost-black hair color looks gorgeous in winter and works in any skin tone. Looking for some dark espresso inspiration? Try our Radiant Hair Color in Perugia Black, or just check out this pic of Constance Wu.

The #1 Winter Hair Trend: Shine

Of course, the key to rocking any type of brunette hair color in the colder winter months is not so much in the shade, but in the amount of shine in your shade. Winter hairstyles really pop with a big boost of reflective shine. The cold winter weather can be drying, and hair often loses moisture and can look dry and dull. If you’re going for a rich brunette hue—make that any natural hair color or colored hair, actually—you have a lot of shine treatments to choose from. The most common way to make sure your cold-weather hair absolutely shines is with a gloss treatment that makes whatever shade you choose really sparkle. We love our Color Reviving Gloss, which just won an Allure Best of Beauty Award for its show stopping ability to refresh faded tones and add brilliant shine. Our gloss works spectacularly well with our Radiant Hair Color, also an Allure Best of Beauty Award winner. Another option is to use a Pro Boost: Shine treatment. This professional-strength treatment uses a highly concentrated ceramide formula to add intense shine in just 5 minutes. Simply use it in place of conditioner for increased luminosity on any hair color. And if your hair is feeling a little dry —a common complaint in the winter? There's a boost for that too. Our moisture-rich Pro:Boost Hydrate treatment is full of nourishing monoi oil and contains sugar cane extract to reduce frizz. Because once you have your best winter hair color ever, you want to treat it like the gorgeous beauty that it is! 

So there you have them—the hottest hair color trends of what will be a beautifully cold winter season. We’d love to know what you might be trying this year —a new hair color to close out the year? If you'd like some help finding your perfect shade, or figuring out if your brown hair can go blonde, or even the best shade for your skin tone, we're here to help. You can always book a complimentary Video Color Consultation with your own personal Licensed Colorist Concierge who will help you find your next best hair color, and even give you personalized application tips and tricks (even while you're coloring!). So let's do this... winter hair color trends, here we come! 


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