Gorgeous Going Out (Or Staying In) Hair

by December 28, 2016

Gorgeous Hair

Image by Madison Reed

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to throw on a little sparkle and try something new with your do. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a few easy peasy ways to celebrate with your hair, whether you’ll be watching the ball drop from the dance floor, or from the couch. (Hey, even a Netflix-and-chill night deserves a little updo for NYE).

How to do your own updo
Updos don’t have to be overdone. Although it can be nice to spend salon time getting pampered, you can certainly pull off a great look on your own. For this updo, we broke it down in a few quick steps. Rest assured–our model did this on her own hair, to guarantee that you can, too. You only need a few elastics and a handful of bobby pins.

Divide hair into 3 sections along the nape of the neck.
easy updos
Proceed as if you’re going to ponytail each one, but on the last turn of the rubber band, don’t pull it all the way through, leaving three loops.
Proceed as if you're going to ponytail each one
Using your fingers (and a disregard for perfection), push the loops in, smushing the hair lightly against the base, and pin all the loose ends into place, making three messy buns. 
Using your fingers, push the loops in
Pull small sections of hair randomly out to loosen to effect and make the look more organic and easy-breezy.

A little glam
There are so many ways to bring sparkle to your look with hair accessories and pins. But rather than spend money on something you may not wear that often, try a few simple rose gold or metallic bobby pins–these are readily available, inexpensive, and look modern and sleek. 

going out updo with rose gold bobby pins

Here, after completing her soft updo, we added rose gold bobby pins in arrows and criss-cross patterns. While adding a little extra shine, they also keep stray pieces out of your face while still falling softly forward.

soft updo

Go dark (for a few months)
Many of us yearn for a darker winter look, but winter is a few months, and permanent color is, well, permanent. Semi-permanent choices like our Color Reviving Glosses make it easier to dip your toe into darker color. By the time you’ve had your fun, the color will be shampooed out, and you can proceed as usual with lightening up for spring. Extra tip: You don’t have to give up dimension completely when going to richer shades. If you’ve got existing highlights or an ombré look, try a combination of Color Reviving Gloss shades, like Amaretto and Canella. Or Miele and Prosecco. Blend the darker glosses into the already darker parts of your hair, and the lighter glosses toward the mid-lengths and ends. Glosses blend together easily and are very forgiving so you don’t need to be too careful about where one ends and the other begins.

Hair Tone Long

Here we applied Color Reviving Gloss in Barolo at the top for a rich, deep auburn, mixed with Cannella, for a vibrant copper cast.

Take a different tone
Sometimes change is easier than you think. If you’re feeling like a new year should bring a new hue, but don’t want a big change, stay on level, just change your tone. Staying "on level" is colorist-speak for staying the same shade of darkness that you currently are. However, there are several choices within each level of color. For example, if you’ve been a level 6 Tuscany Brown for months, try Firenze Brown for a warm up with extra mahogany, or Siena Brown for a cooler, ash tone. The domino effect of changing your hair color’s tone may inspire a new plum lipstick or smokier eye. It can be fun to see yourself in a new light...er, tone. 

Before adding a new hue

And after, with a richer tone at the same level...

after, with a richer tone at the same level

All about you 
Last but not least, no matter what is trending or what professionals are recommending (yes, even us), you absolutely must remember that the hair style and color that looks best on you is the one that makes you smile the brightest. 

Cheers to you, the New Year, and every shade of happy!