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What Is Cowboy Copper Hair?

by Madison Reed May 14, 2024

What is Cowboy Copper Hair

Image by Madison Reed

What color is cowboy copper hair? It’s a twist on a traditional copper red that blends brown, auburn, and copper tones to create a natural brownish copper. Like bronde, which is between blonde and brown, cowboy copper hair color is in-between brown and copper. Do you want to learn more? Then keep reading!

What Is Cowboy Copper Hair Color?

Cowboy copper hair color is a combination of copper with brunette tones. It’s slightly darker than copper, a bit more earthy, reddish color. 

Like bronde hair color, cowboy copper is a beautiful blend between two levels and tones of hair color: copper and brown. There can be a range of cowboy copper results. Some can read more reddish while some can read more golden copperish. It really all depends on your starting base color and how vibrant you want to be.

This makes getting cowboy copper quite simple and personalized – since the color can be interpreted in a few ways. All you need to know is which products to use and what mix of tones you want to see. This means that you can confidently color your hair cowboy copper with our hair color products at home!

How to Achieve Cowboy Copper Hair Color at Home?

How to get cowboy copper hair color at home?

The process is pretty simple. First, decide if you want something semi-permanent that will fade out quicker, or if you want something more long-lasting. The particular product and shade you use also depends on your current hair color.

If you want to play around with cowboy copper tones over your existing color without committing to permanent color, then use a semi-permanent Color Reviving Gloss.

  • If you are a brunette, we recommend our Cannella gloss –it’ll add copper tones to your darker base without looking too bright red.

ugc gloss amaretto human person

  • If you are on the lighter side such as blonde, or if you've already got copper or red hair, use our Amaretto gloss - its caramel and bronze tones will help you get gorgeous cowboy copper hair.


amaretto hair gloss

If you want a more drastic change then you can also use permanent Radiant Cream Color which already comes premixed with multiple tones built into it. This will give you a range of options in how brown or red you want your cowboy color result.

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Maintaining Cowboy Copper Hair at Home

So, we explained how to get cowboy copper hair color at home, but what about maintenance? We recommend using a color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. If you used one of our glosses to achieve the color, you might also need some regular color refreshing whenever you feel that the undertones you added (bronze or copper) have faded away.

Additionally, when going cowboy copper or any reddish shade for that matter, these tones tend to fade out of the hair more quickly than other shades. That's just the nature of the pigment. Make sure you use color-protecting shampoos, conditioners, and treatments and use thermal-protecting styling products. We also recommend washing your hair in cold water because this helps to seal the cuticle locking in your color whereas hot water swells the cuticle and causes color to drop out of the hair faster. If you can't stand the thought of a cold shower, at least use a moderate temperature when shampooing and do a quick shot of cold water when rinsing out your conditioner.

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What Hairstyles Go Great with Cowboy Copper Hair Color?

The answer is: any hairstyle! Cowboy copper hair color works great with straight, long hair, short cuts, or  curly hair!If you have a straight one-length haircut or if your hair is curly, you might consider adding some highlights first to really let the color pop. The same goes if your hair is currently medium brown or darker.

Why? These hairstyles and darker hair will showcase the color better with a bit of dimension and lighter pieces add in to really allow the tones within the shade to show through. You can opt for traditional foil highlights, but balayage highlights will create a soft natural look that will grow out with ease.

Who Does Cowboy Copper Hair Color Look Great On? The answer is simple: everyone!

Cowboy copper hair color gracefully flatters any skin tone, hair texture, or type, contributing to its widespread popularity. Not only does it fade more gradually than regular copper, but it also serves as the perfect middle ground for those contemplating a shift to brunette while still cherishing the allure of copper. Cowboy copper is not just a trend; it's a timeless and inclusive statement for all to enjoy.

The Takeaway

Cowboy copper hair color is a beautiful choice if you want to dye your hair and add a touch of “new” to your looks. It’s easy to maintain, works great with any hair type, style or texture, and is perfect for all complexion types…simply, cowboy copper will look gorgeous on you no matter what! So, get ready to feel confident and unstoppable with this trendy hair color!

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