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Tips for Making Your Color Last Longer

by Madison Reed April 23, 2024


Image by Madison Reed

Coloring your hair is only the first step – to keep that gorgeous, vibrant look going for as long as possible, it's time to dive into the world of hair color maintenance. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips and tricks that can help you enjoy your gorgeous new color for longer! So, how to make hair dye last longer on your hair? Let’s find out!

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The 24-Hour Rule

If you know how to color your hair at home, you probably know that you need to wash off the hair color. But, it’s important to note that it is best to wait 24 hours before washing your hair again after coloring. 

This allows the color to settle within the hair strand and cuticle. Waiting at least 24 hours to shampoo again (or even 42 hrs, if possible), is a great way to minimize fading of your fresh, new color. 

Use a Hair Toner or Gloss

Understanding what a hair toner is, you should absolutely have a toner or gloss handy to keep up the tone and vibrancy of your color. It will help you get rid of the unwanted undertones that peek through as color fades and help maintain your “fresh-from-the-salon” look.

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Switch to High-Quality Products Designed for Colored Hair

Not all shampoos are created equal. They may contain harsh ingredients that can cause color to fade and compromise the overall health of your hair. So, watch out for them – and use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for color-treated hair and free of ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and phthalates.

Our ColorSolve™ Shampoo and Conditioner will be great options here. They help protect your hair and keep the color fresh as long as possible – take it a step even further and add a color-depositing shot to customize your shampoo to your exact color.


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Use Cold Water

Washing your hair? Cold water is your friend! Hot water opens the cuticle layer of the hair which can cause color to escape or drop from the hair.

Don’t worry if you can't stand the temperature of cold water – it will benefit you to even use room-temperature water instead of hot when shampooing and do a cold shot at the end when rinsing out your conditioner. This will help close the cuticle and seal in your conditioner and color.

Use Hair Masks

Another way you can make your red, blonde, black, or brown hair color last longer is by using color-depositing hair masks that help you maintain your color and stop fading from occurring before it even happens. They’re quick to use and hydrate your hair at the same time, which helps improve the overall condition of your hair.

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Focus Your Cleaning Routine on the Roots

Improper washing of your hair may also affect color fading. So, how should you wash your hair? 

Focus on applying shampoo to the root area of your hair. This way, you’ll cleanse the scalp where your hair needs cleansing the most. It is not ideal to scrub shampoo through the lengths of the hair which may accelerate color fade. Allowing the shampoo to rinse through the lengths with just a light massage will cleanse the hair just fine.

The Takeaway

So, now you know how to make your hair color last longer. With proper hair care, you’ll be able to enjoy your fresh, fabulous color for longer. Be sure to check out our color-protecting hair care products so you can help keep your hair looking healthy and revitalized.

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