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Welcome to the Good Hair Life.

We know how it is—you color your hair and have an amazing hair day. Maybe a few days, a week, then gradually the color fades, your hair loses its shine, gets duller until you can color your hair next. Not anymore. Get gorgeous, natural-looking salon-worthy hair week after week with our uninterrupted continuous
Color Care System.


FACT: If you color your hair, on average, you color every 4-8 weeks. So the products you use and the application process you choose are important. Look for ingredients that respect the integrity of your hair to minimize any long-term effects and damage. Using the correct application method also helps keep your hair looking healthier, shinier and more vibrant every time you color.

We formulated our Radiant Cream Color and Root Reboot™ with ingredients you can feel good about for a reason. We removed ingredients that can leave your hair damaged over time and added nutrient-rich ingredients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root extract. Plus, with goof-proof easy-to-use instructions and an entire Color Crew on call, doing it yourself doesn't mean you're on your own.
With Madison Reed, it's exactly the opposite.

Find your ShadeRoot Reboot™
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FACT: your hair is stripped of color and shine daily due to routine washing and environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight. Choosing the right products in your daily routine reduces the amount of color fading.

Our Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner are also formulated with ingredients to seal the hair cuticle to prevent further color from slipping, and our Style + Tame products shield hair from UV damage to lock in the color you love.

Style + TameShampoo + Conditioner
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FACT: your hair is always growing. This presents a challenge to colored hair in the form of roots and grays. Even with products that protect, all color eventually fades over time, leaving hair dull and flat. Using permanent color more often is not necessarily the answer as that may lead to damage. Which is why it is so important to use color-reviving products.

Whether it's giving instant coverage to roots and grays with Root Touch Up, or boosting shine and tone with Color Reviving Gloss, you can keep your hair fresh-from-the-salon gorgeous every day between coloring.

Root Touch UpColor Reviving GlossPrime for Perfection™