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Best Hair Dye for Curly Hair

by Madison Reed September 06, 2023

Best Hair Dye for Curly Hair - Carrara Crimson Madison Reed

Image by Madison Reed

Curly hair is beautiful, yet coloring it might be a bit tricky. After all, curly hair can differ from straight hair in its structure and volume. Many women opt for professional coily hair coloring - as it can be difficult to do it on their own, or they are afraid that they may overly damage their hair. Yet, if you use the right products, you can change the color of your curly hair easily! In this article, we will present you with the best box dyes for curly hair. Do you want to color your curly hair at home? Read on!

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The best box hair dyes for curly hair

When it comes to the best hair dye for curly hair, there is no single option – it will always depend on your natural hair color, the amount of gray hair, if your hair is currently color-treated, and of course, and the desired outcome. Our Madison Reed hair color is a great option for all hair types and textures. Be sure to take our Hair Color Quiz to find the perfect shade for you. In the meantime, here are a few favorites curly girls may love. 

  • Pescara Black - 2NNA – The first on our list of the best box hair dyes for curly hair is Pescara Black – the darkest shade of black available. It looks gorgeous with dark and olive complexions, and you will look fabulous in it!


  • Tivoli Blonde - 8N – If black is not for you, and you want something completely different – like blonde – then this could be the best dye for your curly hair. The final outcome is a neutral, perfectly balanced blonde - without leaning towards blonde or white hair too much.

  • 8n Tivoli Blonde Hair Dye Madison Reed - Best Hair Dye for Curly Hair

  • Ferrara Golden – 11GV – Do you want your curly hair to become truly light-blonde? Then this is the dye exactly for you. It will leave your hair looking gorgeous and feeling nourished and healthy. Win/win!



  • Portofino Red - 6NRR – Red is becoming quite a popular hair color for a reason – it looks outstanding! This dye will leave your hair with the ideal auburn shade of red. It looks great on anyone especially if you have a lighter complexion. So don’t hesitate to try it out if you are looking for something new!


  • Firenze Brown - 6NMG – Don’t want to go red, blonde or black? Go for brown! This medium cinnamon shade is the perfect golden between brunette and red. It will bring warmth to your skin tone and works great with any complexion.



  • Carrara Crimson - 7RC – Looking for something out-of-the-box? Try this hair dye! It will create a beautiful shade of ginger that both you and your friends will quickly fall in love with!

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You have a safe hair dye for curly hair, but what’s next?

When coloring your curly hair, even the best hair dye will not be enough. Proper maintenance is also crucial – you need to choose the right moisturizing conditioner and we also suggest a hair mask. If you are looking for some products to complement your dye, here are some of the go-to options:

  • Frizz Away Shampoo + Conditioner Set – Designed with curly and coily hair in mind, this set is extremely moisturizing. It will protect your hair from being dry and leave it feeling healthy. Remember to use it regularly!


  • Let's Bounce™ – Taking the best care of dyed curly hair requires attention to all elements of your daily hair routine, including styling. Let’s Bounce, designed for curls and coils, will be an excellent addition to your routine. It's a hydrating cream that defines and nourishes curls with soft, frizz-free flexible hold. Plus, it protects hair from humidity for touchably soft, defined curls. 


  • Color Therapy Hair Masks – Coloring is a tiring process for your hair, and curly ones are especially susceptible to it. This restorative treatment adds intense hydration whil also enhancing color in just 5 minutes! The hair mask also deposits color where hair needs it most to enhance your color and keep it looking fresh. 

The takeaway

You now know what are the best hair dyes for curly hair, along with other hair care products that might come in handy. So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your friends and family with a completely new look and let us give you your best hair color ever.

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