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How to Break Up with Your Hair Colorist?

by Madison Reed September 07, 2023

how to break up with your hair colorist

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Breaking up with your hair colorist can be a tricky situation. Just like any other personal or professional relationship, it's important to handle it with care and respect. Maybe someone recommended an exceptional colorist to you, or you feel like your hair would be better in the hands of someone else. No matter the reason, change is bound to happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. If you’re hesitant to break the news, here are some tips on how to break up with your long-term hair colorist.

How to Break Up with Your Hair Colorist – 4 Tips

The goal of every stylist, hairdresser or hair colorist is to make their clients happy. Even if your colorist is your best friend they know that sometimes the dynamics between you change, and you might want to switch your hair colorist. And that’s totally okay!

There is, however, an aspect that you shouldn’t overlook and that’s communication. Many people don’t know how to break up with their hair colorist. They beat around the bush, don’t speak up, or come up with elaborate (and often outlandish) excuses. Breaking up with your colorist may be inevitable, but the way you do it will leave an impression long after you’ve walked out of the salon for good. And, you never know if you will come back to your hair colorist in the future, so it’s best not to burn bridges.

When it comes to the breakup itself, it all depends on the bond you share with your colorist . How long have you been their client? Were you always unhappy? Did you have the opportunity to consult with them? While our advice is general, we'll highlight relevant aspects, as a breakup should signify not an end, but a fresh new beginning.

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1. Discuss your concerns in advance

Whether you feel that you just need a change, or you’re unhappy with your colorist’s services, you shouldn’t leave without addressing the issue.

If it’s the former, the situation is simple. You need to tell your colorist that you are looking for a change. By communicating this with kindness and respect, you will avoid any future awkwardness. Plus, they will be thankful that you informed them early on and may even be able to suggest someone who better fits your needs.

If you have concerns about particular aspects of the service, you should communicate that to your hair colorist first. If they truly want you to be happy, they will look for ways to tackle the problem. Sure, it won’t always work, but at least both sides will be able to say they did their best. In this case, it is also important to set a deadline – a time period in which these issues should be resolved. This will allow for more transparency to you and your colorist’s hairstylist’s reactions open conversation about your hair color goals.

2. Trust your gut

Sometimes, it’s not an issue of how to break up with your long-term colorist , but rather, “should I do it?” If your instinct is telling you that this is the best decision, do not hesitate.

Let’s face it, no one looks forward to having these kinds of conversations. Yet, if your subconscious is telling you that you need a change, chances are, you do. Thus, if you have reservations about sticking with your current colorist, you should mention them to your hairdresser and begin looking for a new one.

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3. Leave the door open

Even if you are dissatisfied, your point of view may change after testing other hair colorists. Therefore, it can be helpful to have your previous hair colorist as a backup option.

You can even go a step further and tell your stylist that you might be back. They are people, just like you – they understand that sometimes you want to experiment, and your coming back is actually a compliment – it means that you believe they might be the best person for the job. If you feel that you want to test the waters, but would consider coming back to your colorist, be open about that.

4. Sometimes ghosting is okay

We’ve talked a lot about transparency and informing your hair colorist about leaving, but sometimes it’s okay to ghost. If you visited a particular hair salon just a couple of times, you may actually feel awkward telling the stylist that you’re making a switch. It’s because you didn’t have time to truly bond. In cases like that, ghosting is fine – your colorist won’t hold it against you.

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The takeaway

How to break up with your hair colorist? Be transparent, inform them in advance, give them time to solve the issues, and leave the door open. Don’t ghost them, unless you’ve only started working with them recently. And, if you are looking for a new hair colorist, check out a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar and let our experienced colorists take care of your hair.

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