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My Best Friend Is My Colorist

by Madison Reed July 27, 2016

My Best Friend Is My Colorist

Image by Madison Reed

Here at Madison Reed, we couldn't be more thankful for all of you–our friends in gorgeous, feel-good color. We make it easy to get your most beautiful, healthy-looking shade because we want you to look and feel amazing (like all friends do, right?). So grab a friend that always has your back and color each other's hair. Though we take the guesswork out of getting your perfect, professional hair color, your best girlfriend can make achieving it even more fun. So crack open a bottle of wine, snap some photos to capture it all, and let the good times roll.

Time well spent. We're all busy, but the benefits of friendship–and spending quality time with those friends–run deep. It can relieve stress and boost your mood and self confidence, not to mention provide soul-satiating support. Coloring each other's hair is a great way to catch up and soak in those good vibes while getting the luxury of salon-quality hair color in your own home. It's multi-tasking at its finest…a bit of pampering and BF bonding mixed with foolproof color. You're guaranteed some laughs, warm conversation, and a co-colorist that'll make you feel even more beautiful because she knows you inside and out. So pull up a chair, and sit your friend down for a heart to heart. You'll go home even closer friends, and with stunning hair to boot. It's a win/win in our books.

Experience it together. Madison Reed makes at home hair color a cinch to apply because, honestly, who wants (or has the patience) to deal with something complicated? But, if this is you or your friend's first time coloring, coloring each other's hair is a great way to become familiar with the moves. Remember learning to apply makeup with your childhood friends in between spontaneous giggle fits? Good times. And this experience promises to be just as memorable. And for those who know how to apply at-home hair color like a pro…time to share the love. Start with the accurate shade matching tool–the Madison Reed Color Advisor to find your perfect shade. You'll be prompted with a few questions about your hair type, texture and your desired color so you are guaranteed a perfect match. Coordinate with your friend so once your respective Madison Reed Color arrives, you're ready to team up to color.

Two sets of eyes. With a friend at the helm, able to spy that untreated, rogue gray strand, even color distribution and full saturation of at-home hair color from your roots to ends is a sure thing. And when it comes to touchups, enlisting a friend can help you identify where you color ends and your roots begin. She's always been there for you…and now, she's there for you and your hair. That's what friends are for.

So this Saturday make a date with your friend and get ready to live it up in a lively new shade of naturally gorgeous hair color. If she doesn't use permanent hair color, not to worry. Applying Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss can brighten highlighted hair, pump up shine, and add a touch of tone to those looking to boost fading professional hair color. And if she gets her mane treated in a salon, Madison Reed hair color can help extend the job and give her a taste of a new way to color…coloring she can feel good about.

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