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Real Life Madison Reed Review: Rebekah Reviews Reds

by October 10, 2018

BLOG.11.03_Rebekah Reviews Reds

Image by Madison Reed

We’re big fans of red hair color around here, and in honor of National Love Your Red Hair Day—coming up this Thursday, November 5th—we want to celebrate by showcasing some of our favorite red hair color reviews from real clients. These ladies are absolutely rocking the dark auburns, the copper blondes, the bright crimsons, the ruby reds, and so many more red hues. Check out their better-off-red looks...starting with our very own Client Operations Manager and longtime Radiant Hair Color fan, Rebekah.


Busy, professional and playfully outgoing...this is how we’d describe Rebekah, lover of rich, vivid red hair color. Rebekah’s current favorite permanent hair color shades include Volterra Amethyst 4VR, Savona Scarlet 6RR, and Rimini Garnet 5RV. Yep—all 3. We talked to Rebekah about these shades and more when we asked her for her Madison Reed hair color review…

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to coloring your hair. Why Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color?
I love the way my hair looks and feels after using Madison Reed. Compared to other boxed colors, I feel like Madison Reed's color shows different dimensions and isn't flat. I use a lot of reds and vibrant colors, and Madison Reed doesn’t fade the way other boxed colors do. It's way cheaper and faster than going to a salon, and I can do it at home while drinking wine. It's a great way to celebrate me time!

How did you decide on your current color, Volterra Amethyst 4VR?
I vary my color a lot. I like variety. Fall is here, and I wanted something a little darker and more vibrant than before. I love the purple tones in this shade!

In the past, what other shades have you colored your hair? How did they make you feel?
Prior to using Volterra Amethyst, I was using Savona Scarlet 6RR. I also have used Rimini Garnet 5RV before too. I really love Madison Reed's line of Vivids, particularly the red/violet shades.

How does your current color make you feel?
Fun—it adds an extra bounce in my step, encourages me to want to go out with my partner or friends.

What does a good hair day feel like? A bad hair day?
A good hair day makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. A bad hair day makes me want to put my hair in a ponytail and hope no one notices. 

Prior to using Madison Reed, had you colored your hair at home before?
Yes, regularly.

So what makes our Radiant Cream Color Kit different?
it doesn't stink up my house. My nose isn’t filled with ammonia which makes my eyes water and my hair stink for days.

Any tips for someone trying Madison Reed color for the first time?
I generally love how the color adjusts starting after the 2nd or 3rd wash. You really start to see the dimension to the color at this point, and even though I choose the less "natural-looking" shades, you can see the variants in the color—it's not flat and I really love that!


Thank you for using, loving, and reviewing Radiant Cream Color, Rebekah! I think we can all agree, you look stunning in every one of these red shades of hair dye. And now, nine more real red hair color reviews from social media from real clients who really loved their rich red results. These ladies are all huge fans of our red hair color—and they’ve got photo proof to show off their gorgeous at-home coloring results. Check out their better-off-red looks:


Top Red Hair Color Reviews

Carrara Crimson 7RC_
Carrara Crimson 7RC

“I’ve used Vesuvius Red for 5 years but branched out to Carrara Crimson this time! Love it so much ❤️”

Savona Scarlet 6RR_
Savona Scarlet 6RR

“Hair turned out great!! 😻 @madisonreedllb saved the day!!! #hairtransformation”

Trieste Red 5NRM _
Trieste Red 5NRM 

“I love it and THE GRAY IS GONE. Hallelu!!! 😂😂😂😂 I wasn’t sure this new hair color would work, but I gotta tell you, #madisonreedcolor is the business!!!”

Portofino Red 6NRR_
Portofino Red 6NRR

“Red hair don’t care! I used Portofino Red ❤️”

Genova Red 7NCG_
Genova Red 7NCG

“Pumpkin spice and everything nice 🍂☕️🍂 @madisonreedllb #genovared #ammoniafree #crueltyfree #madisonreedcolor ”

Cannella Gloss_
Genova Red 7NCG + Cannella Gloss 

“Who else has become her own fancy shmancy hair colorist during social distancing?
🙋‍♀️ (me, as of today!) I was SUPER nervous to do anything to my hair by myself. As a natural redhead, things could go super awry (good SAT word right there). BUT...🧚‍♀️ was easy. It’s pretty much made me feel like I can take on the whole world.”

Sardinia Red 6NCG_
Sardinia Red 6NCG

“Social distancing activities: Gray abatement with #MadisonReed #SardiniaRed ”

Genova Red 7NCG_
Genova Red 7NCG

“💕 and thank you so much! I used Genova Red”

Savona Scarlet 6RR_
Savona Scarlet 6RR

“Changed up my hair color again to #savonascarlet from @madisonreedllb and I'm loving it so much 😍 #madisonreedcolor #madisonreed #redhair #redhairdontcare #redhaircolor ”


We LOVE these ladies’ red hair color looks! So good, right? If this post has convinced you to go red, we’ve got every red hair color shade from deep auburn to strawberry blonde—not to mention not to mention rich red Barolo Gloss and copper Cannella Gloss for your mid-lengths and ends. (Gloss just won an Allure Best of Beauty Award for 2020, so you know it’s good.) For fade resistant color, use our sulfate-free Color Protecting Shampoo + Conditioner. And for a five-minute, nourishing color refresh, use our Castagna Color Therapy color depositing hair mask a few times a week to add warm bronze chestnut tones to auburn hair. 


Which is your favorite of these red hair color looks? Would you go red for fall—or for every season? Talk to us about your favorite red hair color looks in the comments.