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Madison Reed Review: Color Reviving Gloss

by Kimberly Caldwell September 13, 2017

Madison Reed Review: Color Reviving Gloss

Image by Madison Reed

Chief Brand Ambassador, Kimberly Caldwell, writes about her experience trying (and loving!) Color Reviving Gloss. Read on for her review...

I was recently in between colorings and had a date night scheduled with my hubby, so I needed a quick pick-me-up, to hit the hair color refresh button. Since I normally only need to touch up my roots with Radiant Cream Color, my ends were getting a tad drab and flat. I was missing the gorgeous golden tones when I first color. Not to worry. I hopped on to answer a few quick color questions, and just like that, I was guided to my best match–Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco. To use, I simply saturated my hair from roots to tip, then waited 20 minutes and shampooed and conditioned. It's that easy. I couldn't believe it–I was blown away by my brand new beauty boost. In less than a half hour, I warmed up my locks to a gorgeous golden shade and refreshed my faded ends with some serious shine. 

Kimberly with Gloss

I am thrilled that Madison Reed holds my hand (or my hair actually), even in between colorings. Now I have the luxury of extending the time between touch ups, and not only restoring my color, but also my confidence. Nothing feels better than looking like you spent hours in the salon...well, except when you didn't spend hours in the salon and can hold your head knowing you took your beauty into your own hands. I have an extra little pep in my step and don't need to gloss it up again for another two to four weeks. Doesn't get much easier than that to add a huge dose of happy to your hair. I walked out for my big date feeling fresh and fabulous and enjoyed two full hours of toddler-free whining, I mean wining and dining and an occasional hair flip. 

What shade of glam gloss are you?
Cheers to good hair days ahead.