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Real Life Madison Reed Review: Radiant Cream Color in Tuscany Brown

by September 18, 2019

Woman with brown hair

Image by Madison Reed

Meet Valentina: retired Telecommunication Sales Manager, wife, scrapbooker, avid Jazzerciser and self-professed skincare and beauty enthusiast (a love that she passed down to her daughter). Valentina has been coloring her hair for 23 years, and recently started using Radiant Cream Color in Tuscany Brown, along with a handful of other Madison Reed hair color + care products. Read on to find out more about her hair journey...

Woman's hair before and after using Madison Reed's Tuscany Brown Hair Color

As a middle-aged woman who has spent a great deal of time putting my best foot forward whether in my career or social situations, I am not ready to go gray! Since my teens I have been trying to achieve the proverbial good hair day. I was blessed (or cursed as some may see it) with curly hair that tends to be frizzy. I wasn’t afraid of beer can-sized curlers to achieve the waist length shiny hair I desired. Let’s just say the brush style hair dryer became my best friend once it hit the market. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t try to tame my curls as much, but have become more focused on not having hair that dulls my appearance. Gray curly hair is just not an option for me at this point.

Shiny conditioned hair gives me a boost of confidence. In the past, I have highlighted my hair and even gone red, but I’m more comfortable as a brunette. Madison Reed has many options in the brunette range. I chose Radiant Cream Color for my hair coloring needs simply because I get great results, I can color my hair when it’s convenient, and the product is truly gentle. Using the cream color along with their shampoo, conditioner and Tame styling product gives me the color and shiny conditioned hair I desire—not to mention, salon results without breaking my bank.

Currently I use Tuscany Medium Brown which is a shade lighter than my former natural color, along with Color Reviving Gloss in Miele. In between colorings, I have been hiding my roots with Root Touch Up in Terra Medium Brown. The wispy hair that frames my face are always the first to reveal my grays, but with this product they have met their match.

One of my favorite parts about their color is that there are no smelly chemicals, and I am happy they removed many of the harmful ingredients found in most drugstore hair color. In the past, I tried at least 3 nationally known dyes and never have achieved the results I get with Madison Reed. While these other brands covered my grays, the color always looked flat and seemed to make my hair feel more coarse.

Because I didn’t like the way the other brands made my hair feel, I have had my hair colored professionally at a salon for the last few years. But this past Mother’s Day, I was treated to having my hair colored at one of the Madison Reed Color Bars. It was a real treat. And the compliments on my hair in my Before and After photos on my social media account were positively overwhelming. Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color is a game changer. My hair never feels processed or dry. Now I recommend Madison Reed to all my friends and family who color their hair. Everyone deserves fabulous results and compliments...and Madison Reed delivers.

Thanks for using, loving and reviewing Radiant Cream Color, Valentina! And Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner, Color Reviving Gloss, and are proof that using Madison Reed as a system of hair color and care works beautiful. You look gorgeous!