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Real Life Madison Reed Review: Lou Reviews Matera Marigold

by January 16, 2019

golden copper blonde hair

Image by Madison Reed

Smart, gorgeous and real...this is why we love Lou from Skip2MyLou, a YouTube channel about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. Watch this video as Lou colors her blonde hair red, or Matera Marigold 8CC, a golden copper blonde, to be more exact. “I’m a little nervous,” she says as she starts. “Bye bye blonde hair, hello red!”

Is it just us, or does she look just like Amy Adams with her new red hair? GORGEOUS!

We also asked Lou a few questions about why she chose Madison Reed. “It doesn’t have that ammonia-y hair feels really soft, and smells just like shampoo, not that after-dyeing smell…” Yep—we are proud to say our hair color is free of ammonia (as well as parabens, PPD, phthalates and resorcinol). Here’s more on Lou’s hair journey:

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to coloring your hair. Why Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color?
Because of its ingredients. 
Some people color their hair just for fun, other people color to feel more like themselves or to cover gray. Why do you color your hair?
I wanted a change for fall. 
How did you decide on your current color?
I’ve always liked red hair. 
In the past, what other shades have you colored your hair? How did they make you feel?
Red. I felt paler with red hair. 
What hair color have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet?
What does a good hair day feel like? A bad hair day?
Good feels like clean, curled hair. Bad, like a ponytail. 
Prior to using Madison Reed, had you colored your hair at home before?
Yes, I highlight it myself. 
What makes our Radiant Cream Color Kit different?
It’s hair dye as opposed to bleach. 
Any tips for someone trying Madison Reed color for the first time?
Be sure to use the online questionnaire when choosing your color—it matters. 

Thanks for using, loving, and reviewing Radiant Cream Color, Lou. Matera Marigold looks stunning on you!

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