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Color With Personality to Spare: The Vivids

by February 22, 2017

Madison Reed Vivids Before and After

Image by Madison Reed

Bright. Radiant. Rich. Vibrant. Strong. Meet The Vivids: five bold and brilliant colors designed to give hair a dramatically vibrant boost for gem-like dimension and shine. Each shade is formulated with proprietary and exclusive Madison Reed ingredients that promote healthy-looking hair and guarantee exceptional color results. 

Designed by award-winning colorists, The Vivids introduces next-level color to Madison Reed. “Vivid colors are my favorite,” says Madison Reed colorist and Color Crew supervisor Sam Vielmader. These punch-packing shades aren’t for everyone, but the dramatic, long-lasting color boost you’ll get when you choose one of our Vivid shades should produce a powerful feeling—love.

Like all Radiant Cream Colors, the five Vivid shades are made in Italy without ammonia, phthalates, PPD, resorcinol, parabens and gluten. Hair-loving nutrients keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract have been added to protect and pamper hair.

While not intended for gray coverage, The Vivids deliver brilliant color with a gem-like sheen, and color that stays more vibrant, longer. View the five shades currently in our jewel box:

Volterra Amethyst: Use if you want deepest brown with hints of mauve.

Rimini Garnet: Use if you want a luminous red with aubergine undertones.

Savona Scarlet: Use if you’re after the richest auburn shade you can find.

Carrara Crimson: Use for a playful coppery red.

Matera Marigold: Use for a brilliant strawberry blonde.

If you like your hair color to come on strong, contact our Color Crew to find out if The Vivids will work for you. With more than a little extra oomph, we bet your outlook on life will get a bit brighter.

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