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Carol Gets Captivating Color on Her Curls

by March 02, 2015

Carol Gets Captivating Color on Her Curls

Image by Madison Reed

We know you have your own unique hair needs and sense of style. That’s why our Color Crew offers personalized consultations! Read on to find out what we did for Carol.

Carol Before Hair Color

Professional Assessment:
Carol came to Madison Reed looking to put a pep in her step! To go more vibrant and cover her grays, Madison Reed’s Portofino Red was the perfect choice. We paired our permanent color with a matching gloss for her ends. This is the way professional colorists achieve beautiful, even results from root to tip!

Starting Level:
Roots: gray, outgrowth
Level: 7, copper red

Previously colored?

Skin tone:

Hair Type:

Madison Reed Shade Used:
Portofino Red on roots and outgrowth
Barolo Gloss on mid-lengths and ends

Carol Hair Color Application

Application Process:
Since Carol had quite a few grays we used our permanent color for her root area. We applied to her roots and pulled the color to the line of demarcation. We let the roots process for about 20 minutes. This allows for the color to be even from root to end by not over depositing too much color. We then pulled Portofino and Barolo to her ends in interchanging sections for added dimension.

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