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Madison Reed Review: Sardinia Red

See why Sara loves Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color in Sardinia Red, a stunning amaretto auburn

Holiday Hair Color Obsession: Gingerbread Red With Carrara Crimson

How to get holiday's hottest hair color trend...

Real Life Madison Reed Review: Rebekah Reviews Reds

From Volterra Amethyst to Savona Scarlet to Rimini Garnet...these stunning reds turn heads.

Red-Hot Facts About Red Hair

We’re celebrating National Love Your Red Hair Day with some brilliant party facts about redheads. Red, we mean, read on…

Party Like It's Redhead Days

Welcome to Roodharigendag, or Redhead Days, a 2-day celebration of red hair.

5 Reds That Will Turn Heads

Our favorite 5 red hair colors that are dimensional, natural, passionate, and positively striking.

"Love this product and the packaging! My eyes don't burn and the color is beautiful! I have gotten so many compliments. I use Vesuvius red. I look forward to coloring my hair now."
-Yvonne G