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The Definitive Guide to Coloring Gray Hair

by March 21, 2018

Tips for coloring gray hair

Image by Madison Reed

Let’s talk gray in how to cover gray hair once and for all. Meet Dinna Elgelda, Professional Colorist, and Madison Reed Color Crew team member. We love Dinna for many reasons here at Madison Reed, not the least of which is that she has very stubborn gray hair which she grows out for us on occasion so that we can make videos like this to show you how to get gray coverage when color gray hair at home. Let’s give a hand to Dinna and her gray hair...

Dinna's Expert Hair Coloring Tips for Gray Hair 

  1. Choose a shade made for gray coverage. Our Gray Coverage Shadesare expertly formulated to cover even the most stubborn grays.

  2. Use the right tools for gray hair coloring. Applying hair color with a bowl + brush helps ensure saturation of color which means the grays will be gone.

  3. Think thin sections! That is, part your hair in thin sections to apply color (you should be able to see through the sections), so you don’t mistakenly skip some grays

  4. Grays go first...apply color to your grays before the rest of your hair.

  5. When coloring gray hair, give the grays a bit more time. Extend processing to 45 minutes, and don’t start timing until your color is fully applied. 


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To Gray, or Not to Gray...

That is the question to which we do not have an answer. We understand that gray hair is a bit of a gray area...that is, some people are ready to embrace the gray for a gorgeous look, and we fully support that choice. But if you’re not ready to let your hair go gray and need some hair coloring tips for gray hair, we’re here for you.

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