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Hair Color That’s Actually Designed to Cover Gray Hair

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Image by Madison Reed

We are ALLLL about feeling like your absolute best, most confident self. This means that we are totally for embracing your grays if you want. After all, gray hair has been trending for awhile now, and can look truly stunning. Most importantly, some women feel their best rocking the silver, and we love that. But if you are not yet ready to embrace your grays, we are also all about helping you cover them, with Radiant Hair Color shades that are expertly formulated to cover gray hair.

Why Is Gray Hair Hard to Cover?
Here’s the thing about gray hair—it can be stubborn. Hard to cover. Resistant to color. Why? Well, as your hair grays, your scalp produces less oil, which makes your hair drier, and it can feel coarser. This combo makes it harder for the hair color to penetrate the hair cuticle, so the grays either don’t get covered initially during the coloring process, or the color fades quickly. But don’t worry—our team of expert colorists and artisans know all about the science of gray hair, and they have taken all these factors  into account while formulating hair color shades that are made specifically to give your maximum gray coverage. And with the same hair-loving ingredients found in all Madison Reed products, all of these shades are gentle on your hair while fully covering even the most stubborn grays. 

Which Shades Are Best for Gray Coverage? 
Internally we like to call these shades the “Knockouts”, both because they are gorgeous, and because they “knock out” any gray hair. These shades are ideal for people who are 50-100% gray—but let’s be honest—even small amounts of gray hair can be stubborn. Not sure if your grays are stubborn? We get it—it’s not like you can see your gray hair rolling its eyes at you. Read here on how to tell if you have stubborn grays. But honestly, no matter what percentage of gray or what texture of hair, each of these 10 shades delivers a huge dose of deeper, pigmented color without sacrificing tone, depth, shine, or natural dimensionality. So let's show the shades...

Best Blonde Shade for Resistant Grays

Lusia Blonde 8.5NNA - Dark neutral blonde 

Wavy haired woman showing Lusia blonde hair color example

“I loved that the color neutralized the brassy tones that were in my hair from previous color. The color also covered my stubborn greys.”
-Caroline H.

Best Brunette Shades for Resistant Grays

Umbria Light Brown 7.5NNA - Light neutral brown

Curly haired woman showing Umbria hair color example

“I love the color & it’s truly a match made in heaven. Great coverage on those tough gray roots!”
-Melody C.

Sondrio Brown 6.5NNA - Soft medium neutral brown 

Short hair example of Sondrio Brown Hair color shade

“I absolutely LOVE this color! Perfect for me. I'm almost totally gray and the coverage is great!”
-Diana A.

Novara Light Brown 6.5NNN Light neutral brown 

Straight haired woman showing Novara light brown hair color example

“Colored all my grays and left me with a very pretty & shiny Chocolate Brown color.”
-Anna W.

Zocca Brown 6N - Medium neutral brown

Straight haired woman showing Zocca, medium brown, hair color example

“The color came out beautiful! A rich, shiny brown that blended my roots and highlights- covered my grays but lets my highlights show through a bit.”
-Sarah E.

Dosolo Brown 5.5NNA - Medium neutral brown

Straight haired woman showing Dosolo medium brown hair color example

“Absolutely gorgeous color. Rich and full of shine and highlights...Great gray coverage. Can’t see a single gray strand...This is a beautiful neutral dark brown that matches my natural color perfectly.”
-Jenn S.

Modena Brown 5.5NNN - True medium neutral brown

Straight haired woman showing Modena Brown hair color example

“Loved the color! Covered grays better than the salon! It smelled great too!”
-Mary B.

Barletta Brown 4.5 NNN - Rich, dark, neutral brown 

Straight haired woman showing Barletta dark neutral brown hair color example

“I really, really like this color. I tend to have brassy reddish undertones and this wiped that out but still looked dimensional. And grays are GONE!”
-Melanie L.

Ravenna Brown 3.5NNN - True, neutral darkest brown 

Curly haired woman showing Ravenna, darkest brown, hair color example

“The color is rich and keeps its shine! As for gray coverage. You aced it. I'm almost all gray and it covered them as if I had went to a professional salon.”
-Madeline G.


Best Black Shade for Resistant Grays

Parma Black 2.5NNA - Soft, true black

Wavy haired woman showing Parma soft true black hair color example

“It was the PERFECT shade. No flat color like boxed hair color. It looks natural and did a great job of covering my gray hair. (I left it on longer like the instructions suggested.) I will be getting a membership!”
-Amy G.

So there you have it—the 10 Radiant Hair Color shades guaranteed to cover your grays. Want tips on how to get great gray coverage during the application process? Check out our Definitive Guide to Coloring Gray Hair. And as always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Color Crew. This team of professional colorists is available to help with everything from choosing the best shade for you all the way to how to apply and care for your colored hair. We are here to help you LOVE your hair. And if you don’t? We’ll do everything we can to fix it. It’s as simple as that. Love your hair. (No gray area there.) 


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