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Pics That Prove: Confident is the New Beautiful

by Madison Reed March 09, 2018

Raw images - no retouching

Image by Madison Reed

We are proud to release images from our latest photoshoot where we had models ranging from their mid-twenties to late-sixties. The goal was to capture our belief that CONFIDENT IS THE NEW BEAUTIFUL. We came home with images that are not only gorgeous, but photos that capture empowered, unapologetic women, living their truth. Our models became our heroes—walking, talking, dancing, engaging, inspiring women with a contagious feel-good confidence. See for yourself in this video we took on set.

Inspired by women everywhere, we have decided to celebrate them in all of their real, raw, and unapologetically unstoppable glory by releasing completely unretouched images. Because we believe that when you feel confident, you can do anything: light up a room, command attention, flaunt your mojo, feel your best. We believe laugh lines are a symbol of a life well lived, hairlines aren’t perfect, and eyebrows have a mind of their own. Rather than spend time retouching our photography, we have bigger, better things to do…like empower women to save time & money and maybe even spend that extra well-earned energy changing the world. This is why, going forward, we will no longer be retouching our advertising photography, as evidenced by our stamp of REAL beauty.

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We hope you are as inspired as we are.
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