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Real Life Madison Reed Review: Trieste Red

by February 21, 2018

Madison Reed Hair Color: Trieste Red

Image by Madison Reed

Meet Nicole W., longtime Madison Reed client and a lady in We chatted with Nicole about hair color, confidence, and how she got her drop dead gorgeous red hair.

madison reed review: trieste red

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to coloring your hair. What made you choose Madison Reed?

When I discovered Madison Reed, it immediately became my “home hair color game changer”! I had been coloring my hair, both in salons and at home, for 25 years. I had tried the most expensive salons and every brand of hair color on the market. After all those years of harsh chemicals, I had become frustrated with how brittle and dull my tresses looked...and then along came Madison Reed. It truly transformed my mane and made me excited about hair color again.

How did you decide on your shade, Trieste Red?

My Madison Reed colorist suggested this gorgeous shade because I was ready to transition from my normal espresso hair color.

madison reed review: trieste red on nicole

How does your hair color make you feel?

I have always loved how red looked on me. But I could never find a brand or shade that didn’t fade quickly. I love that this color stays rich and vibrant every single day! I get so many compliments on my hair color and it just makes me feel like I can conquer my day with confidence.

Any tips for someone trying Madison Reed for the first time?

If you have stubborn grays hair like I do, make sure you leave the color on a bit longer than instructed. I leave mine on for 45 minutes and not a single gray hair is overlooked! Also, make sure you invest in the Color Reviving Gloss in a complimentary shade to your hair color. It’s really great for giving your tresses a boost in between hair coloring sessions.

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