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Amy Goes Auburn and Gets Gorgeous Hair

by Kathy Cho August 31, 2015

Madison Reed Reviews: Amy Goes Auburn and Gets Healthier Hair

Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Review Series

When Amy decided to go darker for fall, she got such gorgeous auburn hair and healthier strands that she raved about it to friends and family.



What was your experience with hair color before Madison Reed?
I have been having my hair professionally colored for several years now. I have a stylist who I absolutely adore and have always enjoyed tweaking my look through my hair color. I was born a natural redhead but as I've aged my hair has progressively gotten darker, so it's fun to lighten it up or play with the shade while still staying in my natural hair color family. 

The very straight-forward questions online were extremely helpful in guiding me to the correct color.

How did you learn about us?
I saw information about your company and products on social media. It came through on several channels (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest I believe) and piqued my interest. I have also been increasingly looking for natural or less harmful skin and haircare products. I guess turning 40 will do that to you!! 

What helped you decide to try Madison Reed?
I work full time (with lots of travel—my territory covers three states), have an active nine year old son, a husband, and a social calendar that doesn't leave a lot of "me time." Because of all those blessings, I had been struggling to find time to get into the salon. My stylist and I had exchanged texts a few times, but we were never able to get anything set up. Well, like any good Southern girl, you get your house IN ORDER for our favorite football team (Roll Tide!). It was time to liven up these locks! The appeal of a natural product combined with the convenience of being able to apply it on "my schedule" seemed like a no-brainer. Throw in the fabulous price and super helpful YouTube tutorials and I was sold!

Did you get help from the Color Crew?
No, I answered the very straightforward questions (kudos, by the way) online while ordering and felt like I had all the intel I needed to choose the right product for me. Then after watching a couple of your tutorials I felt very confident to give it a go!

Did you feel taken care of?
The packaging is gorgeous. It is obvious you care about your consumers and want them to have a great experience. The shampoo and conditioner included in the box along with the gloves, barrier cream, and color removing wipe are all such classy touches. I don't have anything to compare it to other than a salon experience, but I'm certain I would be disappointed by any other at-home product, and would certainly pay much more for a similar salon experience. 

It was fun to do this with my son. To show him that when you want to, you can achieve those results for yourself.

How did you decide which color to try?
I knew I wanted to go darker for fall. My stylist and I had been swapping pictures (I had been scouring Pinterest) so I knew the general direction I wanted to go. My hair is naturally a dark auburn and I wanted to go in that direction, but still maintain a nice red glow. Again, the very straightforward questions online were extremely helpful in guiding me to the correct color.

How was your experience?
Fantastic!!  I have raved about it to all my friends, and shared on social media. Here's my story... my son and I were headed to Tuscaloosa for the football experience while my husband was out of town on a golf trip. (Bonus, if you are going to do something that may have you looking silly, don't you want it to be while hubby is out of town?? Yep, me too!)

Having a nine year old BOY, you find humor in surprising them with what task they get to help Mom with today! Since he is very accustomed to living, learning, and sharing via YouTube, I told him he was going to help me color my hair! While his eyes were the size of saucers, I said, "But never fear, there are YouTube tutorials we can watch to learn how!" That seemed to calm him some, but my very rational child said, "So you mean you've never done this before?" Smiling, with confidence and a lot of hope, I said, "Nope but there's a first time for everything, and what's life without a little experimental adventure?! Think of it as science!"

He was the perfect assistant. We watched the tutorials, looked over the instructions that came with the box and decided we were ready. I got out the clips, sectioned off my hair, mixed up the color in the bowl, and started applying. Before you knew it we were through. Washed and dried my hair, admiring my new color (which I'm still in love with), and reveling in how easy it was and how much money and time I had just saved myself.  Needless to say I'm looking forward to my next shipment and trying a gloss along the way!

Amy Cooper After

What have you noticed?
My hair immediately felt healthier. Usually after salon coloring it feels dry and "processed." I didn't experience that this time! Everyone has been so complimentary of the color and my friends who know a thing or two about having their hair dyed, noticed the depth of the color was at least as good as salon results. No dull, lifeless, one tone box color job here..... no ma'am! We produced beautiful dimension and shine which makes for beautiful, brilliant locks. That's right! 

How does this affect your life?
I feel very confident in my appearance. As a professional in a very male dominated field, you have to have confidence. You need your appearance to make a statement, but it has to be the right kind of statement! Also, it was fun to do this with my son. To show him that we can all tackle things we thought we needed other people to do for us—that when you need to, or want to, you can achieve those results for yourself. Not that it isn't lovely to be pampered in a salon, to go spend a few hours with your favorite stylist, etc..... but sometimes, it is just as nice to get great results, at home, on your schedule, and have those extra dollars to spend on a nice dinner out or a new outfit to show off your new look!

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