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Hair-Raising Tales From Madison Reed

by October 27, 2016

bad hair

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There’s no blood or gore here, but that doesn’t mean hair gone horribly wrong isn’t absolutely terrifying. Take it from our employees who have had some pretty hairy pasts. From botched bleach jobs to seriously spooky cuts, these scary, hairy horror stories from the Madison Reed home office redefine ‘bad hair day’ and will leave you shivering with fright. So just in time for Halloween...pull up the covers and take comfort knowing that with Madison Reed color, you–and your hair–have nothing to fear. 

“While visiting family, my aunt offered to give me a trim. She had cut her daughter’s hair before, so I thought she must know what she’s doing. I wasn’t facing the mirror while she cut, and when she went to answer the phone, I bent down to pet the dog. Or what I thought was a dog. It ended up being 5 or 6 inches of hair that had accumulated at my feet. Moral of the story: never let family cut your hair.”
Valerie, Director of Marketing

“I was hosting a party at my house and decided to go all out with my hair. I’d never used a round brush before, but decided it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Extra volume here I come! I rolled it up in my hair and, to my shock and horror, couldn’t get it out. People began arriving and the brush wouldn’t budge. It took a combo of cutting and yanking to finally get it out. Not the party starter I envisioned.”
Cara, Color Crew

“In my teen years, possibly *coughdefinitelycough* influenced by a young male teen star, I thought my naturally dark brown hair would look incredible dyed a rich caramel. My mom was resistant to the idea of me using bleach, so I decided to use a less abrasive route: a spray-in hair lightener. My delicious caramel dream became a tangerine orange reality, and I had to live with it until my hair grew out. Maybe someday I’ll be ready to face my fears and go lighter again.”
Jeremy, Director of Merchandising 

“Back in 2012, I dressed up as a troll for the company costume party. I rigged up a super cool ’do by gathering my hair around an empty water bottle perched on my head and tying it into a ponytail. It looked amazing, so amazing that I ignored the nagging pain, and instead, nabbed the win for best costume. The next day I woke up to find a very visible, very mortifying, quarter-sized bald spot on the top of my head…only made worse by the short, spiky hairs that grew in over the following weeks.” 
Caroline, Supply Chain & Operations Manager 

“I wanted to dye my hair a punky, midnight blue in high school. It had already been treated with relaxer, but that didn’t stop me from using actual bleach. A huge clump of hair immediately fell out. Oops. I dyed what was left and ended up with a bald patch in the front of my head, plus brassy green hair. My family wasn’t thrilled, but for some reason my friends and I thought it was pretty cool.” 
Hendrika, Designer 

“You know when stylists say come back for a bang trim? Do it. When I was 13, surely in some bout of teenage angst, I cut my own bangs. I snipped this side and that side…just snipping away while they were wet. Once dried, I looked right out of Dumb & Dumber. My parents weren’t even mad. They knew the bangs were punishment enough.” 
Chelsea, Email Marketing

“Before my professional hair extension days, I glued in synthetic extensions for Halloween with the intention of leaving them in for a week or two. They were so hideous, so horribly shiny and so tinsel-like that I had to remove them ASAP. I spent 3 hours with an unhealthy amount of acetone extension remover taking them out row by row. My arms hurt just thinking about it.” 
Rachael, Colorist/Professional Support 

“Sideburns are harder to do than they appear. I needed to even out my hair line around my ears so I pulled out the trusty electric shaver to get the job done. I kept trying to balance them, but they just wouldn’t line up. I eventually went so high that I had to get professional help at a salon. They laughed at me when I walked in.” 
Matthew, SEO/SEM Manager

“One word: perm.”
Halee, VP of Creative

Happy Halloween!