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Denise Discovers Rich Color for Natural Hair

by Shirley Chan November 09, 2015

Madison Reed Reviews: Denise Discovers Healthier, Rich Color for Natural Hair

Image by Madison Reed

Hair color is a personal thing, and finding one that fits your life and style is a major win! That's why Madison Reed women are so excited to share their success stories. Meet Denise, who discovered she could get deep black hair color with no staining, odor, or mess.

facebook comment by Denise Bolds, I took a total of 10 pictures of me using Madison Reed on my lock for the first time last week - It was amazing, my girlfriend is a beautician and she loves this! For loced hair Madison Reed ROCKS! Great coverage, shine and no bleed on my pillow cases or clothes!

Before Madison Reed:

"My hair is very dye resistant, I had to pay $120 to have my hair dyed in a salon by a professional. Even then it was poor coverage, bleeding onto my clothes and pillow cases and my hair was traumatized = dry, brittle and miserable."

It's simple to use and so empowering!

After Madison Reed:

"It was AMAZING!!! No strong smell, no mess, no running dye, the shampoo is luxurious and the conditioner silky. It has been the best hair dye session I've ever had!

Hair color that shines and doesn't stain my skin. My hair looks awesome with deep color and no bleed! Having loced hair, this product will be a huge success in the black natural hair population! I've already had 3 friends with the same hair as I do place an order too.

I'm saving a ton of money with this dye system. My hair feels and looks great! I'm getting compliments everytime I go out! It's simple to use and so empowering!"

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Denise  :)

Now it’s your turn! Get great results from a customized hair regimen. Build your Hair Profile or call the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists and professional stylists. They love listening to your hair history and tailoring suggestions to suit your needs. At Madison Reed, we love to help people look and feel their very best!