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Julie Finds the PPD-Free Hair Color of Her Dreams

by Shirley Chan February 08, 2016

Madison Reed Reviews: Julie Finds the PPD-Free Hair Color of Her Dreams

Image by Madison Reed

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Hair color is a personal thing, especially when you’re dealing with allergic reactions too. That's why Madison Reed women are so excited to share their success stories. Meet Julie Reid, who wrote to share her search for hair color without PPD that’s safe, efficient, and effective for her!


Dear Color Crew,

I am a new customer from Staunton, VA, who discovered your product after an extensive online search for PPD-free hair color.

In November 2015, I suffered an allergic reaction during and after having my hair colored and highlighted in a salon. Symptoms included itchy, burning scalp, swollen eyes and ears, rash on my neck, scalp irritation, and sensitivity that lasted for two plus weeks. Several doses of antihistamine along with topical applications of essential oils helped get me through that painful experience.

Several doses of antihistamine… helped get me through that painful experience.

I've been coloring my hair for almost 30 years (I'll celebrate my 50th birthday this month), mostly with various brands of store-bought boxed color, less frequently at a salon.

For the past year, whenever my hair was processed in a salon, the irritation would become greater, including a sore that developed in the hairline above my ear that swelled and burst within twelve hours. 

In an effort to use less chemicals, I attempted several "natural" hair dyes (semi, demi and permanent), even the stinky, messy process of coloring my hair with henna, but it always faded quickly, gave me orange roots and looked uneven in coverage. Every 4 to 6 weeks I continued this time-consuming, frustrating cycle, hoping each new product might produce the natural-looking results I desired. When they didn't, I'd return to the salon out of desperation, all the while hating to spend the time and money being subjected to numerous chemicals in an attempt to have pretty hair.

After the first application of Madison Reed's recommended Tuscany Brown 6NGV, I think I may have finally found a safe, efficient, and effective product.

Pictured first are two "before" photos, taken about 5 weeks after my final, allergy-induced salon coloring. 

Woman before and after hair color

The last photos were taken a week after using my first Madison Reed kit and after two shampoos (love the shampoo and conditioner).

Woman before and after hair color and shampoo

Thank you so much for creating a product that gives priority to a woman's health.

Julie Reid

Thanks for sharing your story, Julie!

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