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The Succulent Wife Reviews Root Touch Up

by Madison Reed January 28, 2015

Madison Reed Root Touch Up Reviews

Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Root Touch Up Reviews Series

While Anne-Marie from The Succulent Wife is a frequent salon-goer, keeping her grays at bay in between salon visits continues to be a growing challenge. Here’s how Madison Reed Root Touch Up offered a quick and easy solution!


What used to be an every-6-week trip to the hair salon 15 years ago – when hair color was applied for fun and to brighten my hair, it became an every-5-weeks trip 5 years later as the grays started appearing and every-4-weeks in the last three years. It should really be every 3 weeks. By the end of week 3, I have a noticeable ¼+ inch of gray roots showing. And since the gray is conveniently clustered right in the area where I part my hair, the gray roots are really apparent and drive me crazy. And make me look like I’m balding. I stick it out for another full week, but that last week needs touch ups.

One time, out of desperation and before I knew better, I did the drugstore-brand root coloring thing. I only did that once as I was severely reprimanded by my stylist. That was a bad choice for all sorts of reasons (wrong color choice, chemicals…).

Then I tried other root cover ups like the hair mascaras and the sprays. Though these work to cover the grays, I don’t like the film it leaves on my hair, how it makes my hair sticky and thick but not in a good way.

When I saw that Madison Reed had just launched their Root Touch Up, I bought the product immediately. This particular root touch up is a powder formula. It’s foolproof to apply. In less than 2 minutes, my roots where covered and my scalp didn’t look so bare anymore. Unlike the other root cover up products, this one didn’t leave my hair with an icky, sticky texture. And, as claimed, the color didn’t transfer on anything (pillows, hat, shirt) and stayed put all day.

Madison Reed Root Touch Up Reviews

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