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Fade to Gorgeous: How to Ombre At Home

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Ombre lips, fashion, hair ... the Ombre obsession shows no signs of slowing down, and why should it? It's stunning. Lucky for you, while it looks high-maintenance, Ombre hair can be surprisingly easy. Looking to enhance or touch up your dip-dye locks? Skip the trip to the salon and DIY your roots, your ends, and everything in between.

How to Ombre Hair at Home

  1. Discover Your Roots
    For best ombre at home results, you'll want to keep the color of your roots as close as possible to either your natural or current shade. That way you won't have to touch up your color as often, making your life a little easier- that's a win in our book. Do you also need to cover up grays? If so, begin by choosing your perfect shade of Permanent Color. Take a look at the chart below to determine which level is right for you:
    How to Ombre at Home: Hair Color Levels
  2. Gloss Over It
    The Ombre look typically means darker roots with lighter ends- brown to blonde, dark brown to light brown, deep auburn to reddish gold, etc. At home, you won't be adding permanent color to the lower, lighter portion. Instead, freshen up your ends with a gloss, glaze, or toner- like our Color Reviving Gloss. Pick a shade that complements and enhances your current color, and remember that you want to see a noticeable contrast. Try a vibrant auburn tone for a fun change, avoid the dreaded brass by choosing an ash tone, or add warmth to blonde locks with a golden honey tone.
  3. Divide & Conquer

    Start the touch-up process by dividing your hair into four sections.

    How to ombre at home : Divide hair into quadrants

    Pick one section and apply permanent color to roots only, making sure to fully saturate your roots with color. Be sure to stop coloring about an inch away from where your hair starts to lighten. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to draw the color down - this creates a well-blended look. Continue on to the next section until the top portion of your hair has been completely saturated with color. If you have gray hair, you'll want to go back and add additional color to those areas.
  4. Lighten Up
    Now you're ready to tone the bottom part of your hair. Start to apply gloss beginning from where the permanent color stops, fully saturating your hair, continuing all the way down to your ends. For even more variation, use two different shades of gloss. Be sure to apply the lightest color on the very tips of your strands to accentuate the Ombre effect.
  5. Finishing Touches
    All you have left to do is shampoo, condition (using sulfate-free products, of course), and style (or not) your two-tone locks any way you like. It's that easy to maintain Ombre hair at home.

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