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Replace Gray with Gorgeous

by April 15, 2016

Replace Gray with Gorgeous

Image by Madison Reed

We know you have your own unique hair and sense of style. That’s why our expert Color Crew offers personalized color consultations. Read on to find out how Madison Reed helped Helen find a beautiful solution to cover grays—on her own schedule.

As a busy, working mother of two teenage boys and devoted wife, Helen didn’t have time to visit a salon every few weeks. Looking forward to her 50th birthday this year, her grays were coming in sooner and sooner. She was also considering health risks more seriously and wanted an ammonia- and resorcinol-free option to traditional hair color that would really work, especially on stubborn grays.

Here’s her story in her own words

“Looking for a better option, I found Madison Reed. I have been using it for over two years now. I love the product, the results, and all the time I save by not having to go to the salon every month.

Not knowing how to color my own hair was a big concern. I asked the Color Crew at Madison Reed and it turns out their whole job is to help people just like me. With a click of a button I was chatting with a colorist and looking at recommendations. Wanting to stay close to my natural color, but cover those pesky grays we went with Venezia Brown paired with Color Reviving Gloss in Espresso. The colorist explained, a salon secret to perfect hair is not using permanent color on the middle and ends of the hair every time I color. Who knew! Since I was unsure of how to do this at home, the Color Crew sent me a link to an online tutorial. As a visual learner this was incredibly helpful. (

Woman before and after hair color

Pairing these two products was a huge success. And, it was surprisingly easy. Seeing my friend’s reactions when I tell them I do it at home myself has been priceless. I feel like a pro. Now, I’ve started to use the Root Touch Up, too. It has been a lifesaver during vacations and when I can’t find time to color as soon as I’d like to. I just brush it on, like make-up, and no one can see my grays.

The Continuous Color Plan has also been great. I get my gloss and color every 5 weeks, which means I never have  a last minute color emergency. I also save an additional 20% on every color kit, which puts my way ahead when I add it to the amount I save by skipping the salon.”

Let us help you find your perfect color match. Call the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists and professional stylists, for a free consultation. They love to listen and learn about your hair and will help you design a plan for your color and guarantee a beautiful outcome.

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