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One Busy Mom's Go-To Hair Color

by Guest blogger, Jessica Puga April 27, 2016

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Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Review Series

When I became a mom I completely stopped coloring my hair! Gasp...I know!

Before kids, I used to spend hundreds of dollars at the salon getting my hair cut and colored every 8 weeks or so. I didn't think twice about it. My "natural" color looks dull without a little boost in my life, but I'm also paranoid about using products on my hair that will damage it.

Jessica Puga's hair before using Madison Reed Hair Color
This is what my hair looks like without color. (Image above courtesy of Joey Puga)

I started looking in the hair coloring section of a large, brand name store, but couldn't bring myself to apply harsh chemicals to my healthy hair!(Minus the flat ironing every day, my hair feels and looks healthy. I didn't want to ruin that with cheap hair color). Then I found Madison Reed.

When my color arrived, the convenience and ease of applying the color was what I initially liked. Then I saw the color and fell in love! It looked better than the salon and the ingredients? They were ingredients I actually did feel good about! This was exactly what I needed!

It been almost two years now and I'm still loving my Madison Reed hair color. It's every mom's dream!

I've tried three Madison Reed color options and I use one of them depending on the season. But I'm ready to branch out and try a few new ones this summer! Take a look at my go-to hair colors:

Jessica Puga's hair after using Madison Reed Hair Color Palermo Black
My hair with Palermo Black. (Image above courtesy of Joey Puga)
Jessica Puga's hair after using Madison Reed Hair Color Trieste Red
My hair using Trieste Red. (Image above courtesy of Joey Puga)
Jessica Puga's hair after using Madison Reed Hair Color Positano Black
My hair using Positano Black. (Image above courtesy of Joey Puga)

As a busy mom, I continue to use and love my Madison Reed hair color for many reasons. The ingredients, price, convenience and the results all together have kept me a Madison Reed customer! Oh, and did I mention everything in the box is 100% recyclable? Every busy mom should be using this product!

Jessica BioHello Beautiful! Jessica Puga is a full-time mom, pediatric RN and some of the time (ok, most of the time!) blogger at Organic Deal Diva. You can find Jessica in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado with her husband, Joey, and their two kids and two dogs. In her spare time, (really?) Jessica is working towards her Masters in Nursing. Talk about no time! We're happy to be able to give Jessica the hair she wants and deserves.


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