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Quick & Easy Hair Style

by Guest blogger, Natalia Simmons May 05, 2016

Quick & Easy Hair Style

Image by Madison Reed

Mother's Day is one of my favorite "holidays" of the year! Why? My husband grew up with a single mom who worked hard for their family. She made sure he was provided for, loved and safe. Thankfully, this translates into my husband recognizing the hard work that goes into taking care of our two little guys, so when it's Mother's Day, or our wedding anniversary, he celebrates and he celebrates well!

Seeing as it's our special day, I wanted to share with you a fun hairstyle. It's super simple so that all of you moms of little ones can do it quickly, look fabulous and still have time to enjoy your family.

For my hair color, I use a blend of Madison Reed Trieste Red and Venezia Brown. When I first started using Madison Reed, I only used Trieste Red, but then I realized I wanted a little deeper brown color so I added Venezia Brown, and it's perfect!

Trieste Red & Venezia Brown
For my hair color, I use a blend of Madison Reed Trieste Red and Venezia Brown. All images courtesy of Natalia Simmons.

As you can see, the style is really simple. Just a couple of twists and pins and you're all set! This style can be done on short, medium or long hair, as well as with curly or straight hair. Perfect for all moms!

Hair Style Step by Step
A simple and practical Mother's Day hairstyle! All images courtesy of Natalia Simmons.

How To Create A Quick and Easy Hair Style

  1. Star by taking a section of hair from behind the ear all the way up to the part. It doesn't have to be perfect, as you can see, just so you have that bit of hair.
  2. Twist that section of hair all the way across to behind the ear on the other side.
  3. Start pulling out the twist so that it doesn't look so tight, but more loose and full.
  4. Secure with a bobby pin on the opposite side of where you pulled the section from.
  5. Repeat these steps on the other side. I pulled the section over the top of the other twist and then pulled the ends under the twist on the opposite side to hide them. Secure this section with another bobby pin.
  6. Once you have your two sections secured the way you want. You can pull out a piece pieces of hair on top to make sure it looks like you have some volume.
  7. Lastly, spray your hair with hairspray to set it, and you're good to go!

There you have it! A very simple and practical Mother's Day hairstyle. I know moms don't always take a lot of time out of their day to take care of themselves, but this weekend, take some extra time. Tell your kids they can wait, ask your husband or partner to give you a break and do something nice for yourself. Because you deserve it!

Natalia SimmonsHello Beautiful! Natalia Simmons is mom to two crazy boys and wife to one handsome dude. She lives in France part of the year where her husband plays professional basketball, but she hails from Southern California. The hubs was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, which makes them an intercultural, interracial family traveling the globe together since 2007. Natalia loves to cook (but mostly eat), hang with her fam, be adventurous and find ways to stay girlie in a house full of men. You can find more hair tutorials along with makeup ideas and fashion tips for the everyday woman on her site Ma Nouvelle Mode.