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4 Scary Good Halloween Hair How-tos

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Image by Madison Reed

Halloween–it’s so close, we can almost smell the snack-sized candy bars. Time to scour the internet for costume inspiration, searching for the one that just screams YOU. Well look no further, cause we’ve got 4 easy peasy hair how-tos to get you looking just like your favorite strong, empowered woman. From Khaleesi to Kahlo, Rosie to Wonder Woman, with nothing but your imagination and maybe a plastic dragon or two, here’s how to do your ‘do to have a Happy (and Gorgeous) Halloween...

4 Halloween Hair How-tos


  1. Start by dividing the hair in half horizontally and clipping up.
  2. Starting at the front, curl hair in 1-2 inch sections. For a more beachy undone wave, curl two sections back and one section forward. Continue this pattern until the entire bottom section is curled.

  3. Unclip the top section and continue the same curl pattern.
  4. Once all of your hair is curled, start 2 inches back from the hairline and start backcombing the top of the head, taking 2-inch sections until you reach the crown.

  5. When the entire section is teased, take comb and gently brush hair back, smoothing out the top layer of backcombing.
  6. Starting at the front on one side of the part, take a 2-inch section and start twisting toward the back of the head. Repeat on the opposite side and secure together with a hairband.
  7. Repeat with section beneath, leaving out some curled pieces at the hairline.

  8. Once both sections are secured back, start gently pulling at each of the twists.

  9. Take random small sections at the back and braid.
  10. Stuffed, plastic or real, find a dragon, because you are now the Mother of Dragons.

    Khaleesi hairstyle

Tip: While you can't achieve icy Khaleesi color with our color if you have dark hair, if you start with light blonde or natural gray, you can get cool platinum locks using Color Reviving Gloss in Crema, a pale toned glaze for lightest blonde to natural gray hair.

Rosie the Riveter

  1. Start by dividing the hair in half and clipping up.
  2. Starting at the front, curl hair taking 1-2 inch sections. Hold the curling iron horizontal as you curl. Continue this pattern until entire bottom section is curled.

  3. Unclip top and create another section right at the top center of the head, making a half moon section. Continue the same curl pattern with unclipped hair.
  4. Take half moon section and curl under towards face. *Note: if you have thick hair, divide section in half and curl both sections toward face. Roll curl up and secure with clip or pin to allow it to set for later.

  5. Brush out curls.
  6. Starting at the ears up to the crown, pull hair back and secure with hair band.
  7. Take the rest of hair and repeat tying at the top of that section.

  8. Once you have two ponytails, start taking pieces from each pony and pin down.
  9. With both ponytail sections pinned down, unclip half-moon sections at the front and brush forward. Take the very ends of the curled piece and gently bring to the side and pin to create a bang effect.

  10. Get your bandana and tie a knot in between your bangs and the pinned down ponytail and there you go–we can do this!

    Rosie the Riveter Hairstyle

Frida Kahlo

  1. Part your hair down the middle, all the way down to the nape of your neck.
  2. Starting on one side, gather all of your hair and put into high forward ponytail.
  3. Repeat on opposite side.
  4. Braid each ponytail and secure with a hair band.

  5. Starting on one side, bring the braid to the base of the other and pin down.
  6. Repeat on opposite side, bringing the second braid over the top of the first.

  7. Once both braids are secure, pull at each braid to loosen and expand.
  8. Put on flower headband, layer on the bright jewelry, and do your brow–er, brows. (We used Root Touch Up!)

    Frida Kahlo Hairstyle

Wonder Woman

  1. Clip up the top section of hair.

  2. Taking 1-inch sections around the perimeter of the part, gently backcomb to create volume.
  3. Optional: apply clip in extensions, and push into backcombed sections.
  4. Once completely clipped in, take down top section of hair.
  5. Divide the hair in half and clip up.
  6. Starting at the front, curl hair in 1-inch sections. For a more beachy undone wave, curl two sections back and one section forward. Continue this pattern until the entire bottom section is curled.

  7. Unclip top section and create a deep side part. Continue the same curl pattern.
  8. Once hair is completely curled, allow to cool and comb through with brush.
  9. Take crown and pin into place just above your ears, beneath your hair.

    Wonder Woman Hairstyle

Like we always say, confident is the new beautiful, and empowerment looks gorgeous on everyone. Happy Halloween!

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