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Dear Color Crew: Do I Really Need a Microfiber Hair Towel?

Our Color Crew answers all your hair-related questions.

Real Life Review: Radiant Cream Color and Light Works Balayage

Self-professed longtime colorer of her own hair, Kira talks about her history of hair color, and her newfound love of highlights..

The Hair Color Everyone's Googling Right Now

Discover the Internet's favorite hair color (and why it's so popular).

“I Went Gray in My Teens”: 3 Madison Reed Employees' Approach to Premature Grays

What happens when gray hair shows up early to the party?

Would You Try Pastel Hair Color?

Channel your inner mermaid/unicorn/Katy Perry.

"Love this product and the packaging! My eyes don't burn and the color is beautiful! I have gotten so many compliments. I use Vesuvius red. I look forward to coloring my hair now."
-Yvonne G