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How to Color the Back of Your Head in 6 Seriously Simple Steps

by November 07, 2018

how to color the back of your head

Image by Madison Reed

Here at Madison Reed, one of the questions we get asked most often is, how am I supposed to color the BACK of my hair by myself? And, like most questions we get asked, we think the best answer is a video, so we made a tutorial showing you just how easy it is to color the back of your hair. Trust us—we’ve got your back (of head). Ready? We swear, it’s easier than you might think...

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How to Color the Back of Your Head By Yourself Without Missing a Spot?

1. Divide your hair into 2 sections.

separating hair at the back of the head into two sections

2. Divide those sections into 2 more sections. This is best done by creating a part at the top of your ear. Secure that section with a hair tie or clip to keep it out of the way.

using hair tie to section hair at the back of your head

3. Repeat with the remaining 3 sections.

sectioned hair at the back of your head

4. Put on gloves. Take down first back section of hair. Start by applying color to your part, making sure to massage the color into your hair.

coloring the back of head with hair color

5. Repeat this process with the side section, applying color along the part and hairline.