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Make Your Dream Hair Color a (Virtual) Reality

by November 14, 2018

Madison Reed's Hair Color Changer App

Image by Madison Reed

Ever wondered what you’d look like with red hair? Blonde? As a brunette? Don’t you wish you could try on a hair color like you can try on a new pair of jeans to make sure they fit? Well you’re in luck, because the future of hair color is here with our new virtual hair color makeover tool. 

Introducing Our New Augmented Reality Hair Color Try-On Tool
With this new AR hair color changer tool, simply use your cell phone or computer camera to try on different shades of hair color. You can either upload a selfie or try it on live using your device’s camera. The color-matching technology not only identifies your current hair color, but also sees the nuances in hair tone right down to the hair strand, and applies it to the new shade. You can toggle between shades with a split screen slider to really see the difference between your current shade, and the shades recommended for you. 

See just how easy it is to try on different virtual hair color shades…

Try Before You Buy
Here’s the thing: we know changing your hair color can be a commitment, and choosing a shade can be intimidating which is why we are implementing this virtual hair color changer. As our CEO and founder, Amy Errett, says, “Our goal is to eliminate any fear factor and enable people to choose a new hair color with the confidence of having already witnessed the end result.” This new tool helps you try before you buy, so you can color with total confidence.

So what are you waiting for? Check out how you rock that red (or blonde, brunette, or black hair). No cost, no commitment, just beautiful confidence. 

Check out our virtual hair color changer tool now.