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How to Fool 'Em: Hair Color Fake-overs for April Fools' Day

by March 27, 2019

april fools with the madison reed hair color changer

Image by Madison Reed

Do you love hair? Do you appreciate a good (harmless) prank? If you answered “yes” to both, then we have an April Fools’ Day trick that will be right up your alley. And if you’ve been thinking about trying a new shade of hair color for real? Even better.

As you may have heard, we recently debuted our virtual hair color makeover tool to try on and compare different shades in real time. Our super easy (try it from your phone on the go, or in front of your laptop at home) hair color changer lets you try before you buy, especially if you’re having trouble deciding what looks best. But honestly, even if coloring your hair is the last thing on your mind, it’s just fun to see what you’d look like with a different head of hair. And as we quickly found out from posting our fake-over selfies on social media, and the comments—which ranged from positive to scandalized—started pouring in, our hair color app’s lifelike simulation is realistic enough to fool your friends and family.

With these reactions in mind, and in the spirit of April Fools’, we asked our coworkers who hadn’t yet tested the virtual makeover tool to give it a whirl, then text their own friends and family their results. Turns out, what started as a bit of harmless tomfoolery wound up convincing at least one of them to bring a Radiant Cream Color Kit home from the office that night.

Jethro, Data Scientist
Tried Radiant Cream Color in Rimini Garnet (Dark Garnet Red)

Jethro - Rimini Garnet
Hasn’t pretty much everyone wanted to color their hair red at some point? Well, Jethro is no exception. He toggled back and forth between several shades, from light copper to deep auburn, before selecting our richest garnet red. The verdict? Red means go…book a Color Bar appointment, stat! But not before getting his girlfriend Illy’s take.

Jethro - Rimini Garnet Allover
Her response? “You look like Poison Ivy.” Aw, he was going for Prince Harry!

Katie, VP of Marketing
Tried Radiant Cream Color in Tuscany Brown (Medium Golden Brown)

Katie - Tuscany Brown

Before her April First fake-over, Katie had been considering a color change for real, so this was the perfect opportunity to both treat herself to a virtual spread of gorgeous new options...and trick her friend Shannon into thinking she’d actually pulled the trigger. She wanted something a little darker and a little warmer than her current shade. Katie wound up loving Tuscany Brown’s subtle gold tones. She texted Shannon for a second opinion (and to see if she bought it).

Katie - Tuscany

The verdict? “LOVE!! Can’t wait to see in person.” Your move, Katie.

Sara, Senior Designer
Tried Radiant Cream Color in Volterra Amethyst (Darkest Cool Sangria)

Sara - Volterra Amethyst

Sara thought one of our Vivid shades would look extra-dramatic on top of her everyday dark blonde highlights. Turns out, she was right—ultra violet Volterra Amethyst looked ultra cool. Undeniably, she was pulling off the color...but could she pull off the prank?

Sara - Volterra

“Big change today 😱 ” Sara texted her husband Kenny. “Cool babe!” he wrote back. Did Kenny fall for the ruse? Unclear.

Whether or not you’re considering a color change, you should definitely get in on the joke for a day. Simply upload a photo or use the live camera on your phone or computer.

Once you’ve saved your favorite fake-over pic, you can text your friends and family something along the lines of “New look, who dis?” or “Feeling cute, might delete later.” Best case scenario, your phone will be blowing up with texts all day long. Worst case scenario, you’ll have some #HairColorInspo to revisit later. Either way, it’s so easy and fun, you’d be a fool not to try it.

What’s the craziest April Fools’ Day prank you’ve ever pulled? Tell us everything in the comments.