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Madison Reed Review: Sardinia Red

by December 12, 2018

Sardinia red hair color from Madison Reed on curly haired woman

Image by Madison Reed

Meet Sara...blogger, Instagrammer and busy mom of 4. Sara loves teaching curly hair care, inspiring women to live their best lives, and yep, our Radiant Cream Color in Sardinia Red 6NCG. The love is mutual—we just can’t get enough of her rich, amaretto red curls...

woman with short curly red hair
We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to coloring your hair. Why did you choose Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color?
One of my friends recommended it to me. She is into natural products and wanted a hair color that was safer, and that was important to me also, so her opinion meant a lot to me. Her hair color was gorgeous after using it, so I decided to try it.

Some people color their hair just for fun, other people color to feel more like themselves or to cover gray. Why do you color your hair? 
I do it to cover gray! I started going gray when I was 15 years old—it's hereditary.

How did you decide on your current color? 
I've been coloring my hair a shade that's very similar to Sardinia Red and I feel like it suits me very well, so I wanted to continue using that color.

In the past, what other shades have you colored your hair? How did they make you feel? 
I've only used Sardinia Red. I like it so much I haven't wanted to change.

What hair color have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet? 
I'm really happy as a redhead—I've honestly not wanted to try anything else, except maybe some purple or pink streaks for fun!

How does your current color make you feel? 
Sexy, fiery, warm, and fun!

What does a good hair day feel like? A bad hair day? 
I have curly hair, so I used to have a lot of bad hair days before I found the Curly Girl Method. Now that I know how to properly take care of my curls, I have mostly good hair days! But bad ones are when it's hot and humid outside and my hair just frizzes out—I throw it up in a top knot or in a baseball cap and go about my business.

Prior to using Madison Reed, had you colored your hair at home before? 
Oh yes! A ton. I've used henna, natural hair colors from the health foods store, boxed dyes from the grocery store and have had it done in the salon. I've used it all!

What makes our Radiant Cream Color Kit different? 
I LOVE that everything I need is in one kit. I don't have to purchase anything. Also, many other hair colors made my scalp break out in a flaky, itchy rash. This hair color doesn't do that for me!

Any tips for someone trying Madison Reed color for the first time? 
If you're unsure of the color to start with, use the hair color consultant that Madison Reed provides to get the color that's right for you. Then get the monthly subscription to make it really easy!

Thanks for using, loving, and reviewing Radiant Cream Color, Sara. Sardinia Red was made for those curls!
woman with short curly red hair