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Kim Caldwell Reviews: Sicily Blonde

by Kim Caldwell August 24, 2017

madison reed review: sicily blonde

Image by Madison Reed

I was a bright bleach blonde for over a decade, and thought I’d be rocking the pure platinum look until the end of time. But honestly, I was exhausted from all the time and energy spent coloring my hair late at night after putting my little girl to sleep. She couldn't be around me with that suffocating odor and ammonia in the air, so I had to color my hair after her bedtime. I was getting so frustrated trying to keep up that I broke down and started going to the salon. Going to the salon always felt like it took all day, not to mention the chunk of change for the nanny while mommy was busy getting touched up. I thought that was the only way to really ever achieve salon-quality results. 

Then it happened...I was introduced to Madison Reed and had no clue that this brand and their Radiant Cream Color would literally change my life. I know what kind of typical box colors are out there because I’ve tried them all. I mean ALL! Madison Reed is in a league of its own. 

I found my beloved shade, Sicily Blonde, which happens to be only one or two shades lighter than my natural color, and now we are in love forever. Kim and Sicily sitting in a tree! I have to admit I was shocked the first time I saw my new hair color because it was so different. So differently distinguished and hot! 

Sicily Blonde is a huge upgrade for my self-esteem–it brightens my skin tone, gives my hair movement, and delivers a confidence I didn’t have before. I just feel classy and so much more comfortable in my own skin after finding the shade I think I was meant to be all along. I went eight weeks in between coloring versus every three weeks! That's a lot  of time freed up to take my little girl to the park and a lot of cash freed up to buy more shoes. 

Everywhere I go I get compliments on my upgraded shade, and people always ask for the name of my salon and stylist. With my head held high I tell them Madison Reed and ME! I did this myself. Girl power. Bye bye bleach! Hello Sicily Blonde! 

Cheers to many more good hair days ahead.


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